MONTENEGRO: "New Horizons of Insurance" conference took place on April 22-24, in Budva

30 April 2024 — Marina MAGNAVAL
The National Bureau of Insurers of Montenegro and the Montenegrin Actuarial Society organized the second edition of the Montenegrin Insurance Days - a conference named "New Horizons of Insurance". The event took place on April 22-24, at the Avala Hotel in Budva.

At the conference, which gathered more than 100 participants, the President of the Council of the Insurance Supervisory Agency of Montenegro, Marko Ivanovic made a presentation on the topic "Montenegrin insurance market". According to him, in the first quarter of 2024, the insurance sector recorded a growth of as much as 12.6%, and it is expected that further growth will continue.

The President of the Montenegrin Actuarial Society (CAD), Natasa Janicic, noted that CAD has existed on this market for six years. "During this, I would say, very short and at the same time very challenging period, CAD has built many partnerships. Thus, the company became an associate member of the European Actuarial Society and the International Association of Actuaries and cooperates with the Actuaries of the World organization and the Association of Insurers of Montenegro", said Janicic.

The presentations can be found on the Bureau’s website here.