MOTOR INSURANCE Conference: Mehmet Akif EROĞLU, Chairman of the Turkish authority for the insurance market regulation and supervision is Keynote Speaker

16 March 2023 — Daniela GHETU

Motor insurance is one of the business lines holding a highly relevant share in all markets, especially in the still emerging ones where it actually dominates the market portfolio. As such, all the significant events in this line of business are affecting the market as whole. 

IIF 2023 a?" MOTOR INSURANCE Conference a?" a??Reshaping motor insurance businessa?? will explore the impact of motor businessa?? trends on the overall market stability and development, with the exquisite contribution of two speakers.

Keynote Speaker Mehmet Akif EROĞLU, Chairman, Insurance and Pension Regulation and Supervision Authority, TA?rkiye will talk about the motor insurance business on the overall stability and development of the market, while Mrs. Menekşe UA?AROĞLU, CEO, IUC Group, TA?rkiye will tackle on the current hottest challenge in the motor insurance business - inflation and the methods of fighting it.

Coming from a fast-developing market where motor insurance line account for over 42% of the total GWP volume and which was confronted with an unmatched inflationist pressure, the presentations will provide for relevant information and inspiring solutions.

Part of the IIF (International Insurance Forum) series of events organized by XPRIMM in Vienna since 2017, the conference will be hosted by the Bristol Hotel, on 5 April, under the titles IIF 2023 - MOTOR INSURANCE Conference - "Reshaping motor insurance business".

HELLAS Direct and RECREX are Partners of the Conference, also supported by IUC Group.

Registrations are already opened on the conference website.