Mandate renewals and appointments in the AXA Group’s managing bodies

25 April 2024 — Daniela GHETU

Antoine GOSSET-GRAINVILLE mandate as Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors was renewed for a term of four years at the Shareholders’ Meeting held on April 23.

The following mandates were also renewed:

  • Clotilde DELBOS and Isabel HUDSON as directors for a term of four years;
  • Angelien KEMNA and Mrs. Marie-France TSCHUDIN as directors for a term of three years.

Helen BROWNE was appointed as director, upon proposal of the employee shareholders of the AXA Group, for a term of four years.

Therefore, the Board of Directors of AXA currently comprises 15 members, including 9 women and 6 men. 9 members are considered by the Board of Directors to be independent in accordance with the Afep-Medef Code criteria.

Finally, the Board of Directors, approved, upon recommendation from its Compensation, Governance & Sustainability Committee, the composition of its Committees as follows:

  • Audit Committee: Isabel HUDSON (Chairwoman), Clotilde DELBOS, Ramon FERNANDEZ, Angelien KEMNA and Rachel PICARD;
  • Finance & Risk Committee: Ramon FERNANDEZ (Chairman), Gérald HARLIN, Isabel HUDSON, Ramon de OLIVEIRA and Clotilde DELBOS;
  • Compensation, Governance & Sustainability Committee: Guillaume FAURY (Chairman), Bettina CRAMM (Director representing the employees), Rachel DUAN and Marie-France TSCHUDIN.