Martin DIVIS, CEO of KOOPERATIVA pojistovna VIG, reelected President of the Czech Insurance Association

9 February 2021 — Andrei Victor
CAP - The Czech Insurance Association announced in a statement the renewed structure of its highest body. As it does every two years, the assembly of association elected the nine members of its Presidium.

According to the press released by CAP, Martin DIVIS (CEO of KOOPERATIVA pojistovna) became the CAP President, being re-elected by the Presidium on 28 January 2021. At the same time, Roman JURAS (CEO of GENERALI Ceska pojistovna) and Dusan QUIS (Chairman of the BoD of ALLIANZ pojistovna) will maintain also their positions as Vice-Presidents.

"The association will continue its strategy of creating a center of expertise in order to improve the reputation of the insurance industry through a partner approach and dialogue with the public, regulators and supervisors of the market and the other insurance market players", CAP stated.

Thus, according to the the last meeting of CAP members, the bodies of the association elected for two years, are as follows:

President: Martin DIVIS (KOOPERATIVA pojistovna)

Vice-Presidents: Roman JURAS (GENERALI Ceska pojistovna) and Dusan QUIS (ALLIANZ pojistovna)

Members: Martin ZACEK (UNIQA pojistovna), JiriSTRELICKY (CSOB Pojistovna), Maurick SCHELLEKENS (NN), Jaroslav BESPERAT (CESKA podnikatelska pojistovna), Dominik STROS (COLONNADE Insurance) and Libor DVORAK (ERV Evropska pojistovna).

At the same time, the elected members of the CAP Audit Committee are: Jana JENSOVA (ERGO pojistovna), Eva VANKOVA (HDI Versicherung AG) and Helena INDROVA (KOMERCNI pojistovna).

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