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XPRIMM News NEWS ALERT, July 4th, 2012
July 4th, 2012

img_lead_2296VIDEO: Caucasus insurance heart beats today in Baku
by, 2012-07-04
Today started in Baku the 2012 edition of AIIF - Azerbaijan International Insurance Forum. Organized by AIA - the association of Azeri insurers, with the official support of the Ministry of Finance of the Azerbaijan Republic and in cooperation with Media XPRIMM, Romania, the Forum gathers over 200 top level professionals of the insurance industry across the Caucasus region, Middle Asia, Europe, Turkey, Russia and CIS. Representatives of the supervising authorities, foreign reinsurers or relevant international services providers for the insurance industry are also participating in the meeting.

img_lead_2297KHALILOV: There are great opportunities for insurers in Azerbaijan
by, 2012-07-04
Azerbaijan is not only a beautiful and inviting touristic destination, but also a high growing economy, offering lots of business opportunities and a lot of room for expansion and business innovation. Moreover, foreign investments and know-how are needed and welcomed. "Azerbaijan insurance market is characterized by a low rate of insurance penetration and high rates of its growth together with increase of living standards. I think such situation itself provides a great opportunity for the insurance companies", Namik KHALILOV, Head of State Insurance Supervision Service, Ministry of Finance, Azerbaijan stated for XPRIMM.

img_lead_2298ALIYEV: Foreign players are welcomed and needed in the Azeri insurance market
by, 2012-07-04
"Azerbaijan its not just open but also interested into welcoming foreign investors with some new players in the market of international level", said Azer ALIYEV, Chairman, AIA - Azerbaijan Insurance Association in a recent interview for XPRIMM.

img_lead_2300Two new special editions of INSURANCE Profile, dedicated to the Caucasus markets
by, 2012-07-04
Two new special editions of the well-known specialized magazine INSURANCE Profile were launched today, at the Azerbaijan International Insurance Forum, organized by the Azerbaijan Insurers Association and Media XPRIMM under the theme "New Perspectives in the Caucasus Region". The two editions are dedicated to the insurance markets in Azerbaijan and, for the first time, in Georgia - the insurance market in this country being the fifth analyzed by INSURANCE Profile, after Romania, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Bulgaria.
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