NORTH MACEDONIA: ISA: the number of complaints, resolved last year in favor of insured persons, increased 2.5 times

23 March 2022 — Marina MAGNAVAL
In 2021 the Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) received 206 complaints from dissatisfied policyholders about insurance companies and other market participants. The number of complaints last year increased 2.4 times compared to 2020, according to official data from the ISA.

During the period, the ISA imposed four measures on three insurance companies, two of which were fines. Insureds last year filed complaints about 18 participants of the insurance market. ISA resolved 42 complaints in favor of the insureds in 2021 and compared to the previous year, the number of complaints resolved in favor of insured persons was 2.5 times higher.

Of all the submitted complaints, 22 were found not valid due to no grounds, 12 were withdrawn by applicants, and 13 are in the process. 65 complaints have been resolved in favor of the insurance market participants (companies, insurance brokers, etc.).

Most often, in 79 cases, the insureds complained on how their damages were paid based on the insurance coverage. 52 insureds complained about amounts offered by insurance companies for their damages (for such cases, ISA does cannot decide on the amount, but determines the terms and circumstances). 16 complaints were submitted about deadlines for claim processing, and 8 insured persons complained about deadlines for compensation payment.

In 161 cases, the complainants were individuals, and 39 complaints were submitted by legal entities. Most complaints (91) were related to motor liability insurance, 31 complaints - to accident insurance, 21 - to property insurance, 15 complaints - to life insurance, 6 complaints - to private health insurance, 14 complaints were submitted for other insurance classes.

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