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XPRIMM News No. 213, December 20, 2012

Insurance Newsletter, No. 213, December 20, 2012

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img_lead_3123Unisex insurance premiums and benefits starting December 21st 2012
by, 2012-12-20
According to the European Court of Justice of the European Union's decision on March 1st 2011, starting December 21st 2012, insurers must implement the equal treatment principle, which forbids them to establish the insurance products rates using a gender-based risk evaluation.

img_lead_3119ROMANIA: Green light for the new Financial Supervisory Authority
by, 2012-12-20
On December 18th, The Romanian Government adopted the Ordinance regarding the creation of the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA). The law project had been read for the first time just a week before.

img_lead_3116HUNGARY, 3Q2012: the Forint appreciation flattens the downward curve
by, 2012-12-20
After the results of the first half of 2012 showed a worrisome decrease, the Hungarian insurance market seems to recover to a certain extent, according to the market results denominated in the European currency. Thus, although it maintained a downward trend, the 3Q2012 results appear to show signs of a flattening downward curve. GWP amounted to EUR 2.06 billion, 2.45% y-o-y less, as compared with the over 12% fall recorded in 1H2012.

img_lead_3113BULGARIA 3Q2012: Motor lines continue to draw back the insurance market
by, 2012-12-20
The Bulgarian insurance market closed 3Q2012 with a decrease in the GWP volume of about 1% y-o-y, to EUR 582.4 million. The lowering GWP level can mainly be put down on the continuous fall in motor insurance underwritings (-3.2% y-o-y), while for the property lines and the life insurance segment, GWP recorded positive evolutions of 1% and 2.4%, respectively.

img_lead_3083VIG: over 50% contribution of the CEE markets to the Group's GWP and profit
by, 2012-12-13
Vienna Insurance Group ended 3Q2012 with a record net profit figure, "surpassing the annual result of the pre-crisis year 2007," as Peter HAGEN, Chairman of the Managing Board and CEO of the Austrian Group stated. CEE countries contributed both to the overall profit and GWP with more than 50%, encouraging the further expansion of VIG in the CEE region. "We are now also regarding the region from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea as growth engines. About 120 million people live in this region, and they still face an enormous need to catch up as far as modern insurance solutions are concerned," stated Peter HAGEN.
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img_lead_3120UNIQA Group, 3Q2012: EUR 93.5 million consolidated profit after taxes, in line with the 2012 target
by, 2012-12-20
UNIQA Group has improved its earnings before tax to EUR 152.4 million in 3Q2012 from the EUR 173.8 million loss posted in 3Q2011. Consolidated profit after tax and minority interests amounted to EUR 93.5 million. "In the first nine months of 2012, we achieved what we set out to do. We still have a great deal of work, but we are well on track, and we are consequently implementing our strategic program UNIQA 2.0.," commented Andreas BRANDSTETTER, CEO UNIQA.

img_lead_3118SAVA Re, 3Q 2012: stronger accent on the international markets and improved profitability
by, 2012-12-20
In 3Q2012, gross premiums written by the SAVA Re Group companies amounted to EUR 215.8 million, 6.6% up y-o-y. In absolute terms, the largest growth was generated by the largest companies in the Group, SAVA Reinsurance Company and Zavarovalnica TILIA. At the same time consolidated reinsurance premiums grew by 13.6%, due to the increase in international reinsurance premium.

img_lead_3111CZECH Rep.: CP posts lower profit and premiums in 3Q2012
by, 2012-12-20
CESKA Pojistovna (CP), the largest insurance company in the Czech Republic, reported for January-September 2012, according to the international accounting standards, a net profit of CZK 2.80 billion (EUR 110 million), CZK 200 million less compared with the same period previous year.

img_lead_3109ROMANIA, mediation market: Another step towards 50% of the insurance market
by, 2012-12-20
In January-September 2012, the Romanian insurance mediation market remained at the same level as the previous year, the total amount of mediated premiums reaching almost EUR 569 million. Comparing this value with the entire insurance market, the brokerage segment represented almost 41% of the gross premiums written by the all Romanian insurance companies, while a year earlier the same indicator was 39.4%.

img_lead_3117GREECE: Insurance market unable to recover 9.8% decrease by 3Q/2012.
by, 2012-12-20
In 3Q/2012, the Greek insurance market managed to total EUR 3.22 billion, which means a 9.8% drop compared with the same period of 2011.
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img_lead_3114CYPRUS: Recent economic instability affects 3Q/2012 insurance results
by, 2012-12-20
The Cypriote insurance market seems to be reduced by 2.21% by the end of 3Q/2012 according to the data published by The Insurance Association of Cyprus, amounting to a figure over EUR 611 million in GWP.
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img_lead_3115GEORGIA, 3Q2012: Impressive growth continues
by, 2012-12-20
The total insurance premium volume in Georgia increased impressively to EUR 215 million (GEL 460.3 million) in the period January - September 2012, 75% more as compared with the same period a year ago, according to the data published by the National Bank of Georgia. In terms of claims, the local insurers paid out EUR 83.6 million in insurance damages until the end of September, 10.7% more y-o-y.

img_lead_3112BELARUS, 3Q2012: Insurance market has doubled y-o-y
by, 2012-12-20
Belarusian insurance market totaled BYR 3,566 billion for the first nine months of 2012, informed the Belarusian Association of Insurers, 98.5% more compared with January-September 2011. Calculating in the European currency, due the devaluation of BYR in relation to EUR, the insurance market shows a less pronounced increase: EUR 324 million, up 38% y-o-y.
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img_lead_3081TRIGLAV: 5.4% higher profit for 5.4% lower underwritings
by, 2012-12-13
The net profit of the TRIGLAV Group for 3Q2012 amounted to EUR 50.5 million, 5.4% up y-o-y. The group's gross insurance and co-insurance premiums totalized EUR 732.1 million, down by 5.4% y-o-y, while the combined ratio was favourable, at 91.8%. "With the consistent implementation of the set strategy, the TRIGLAV Group was able to achieve good results.
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img_lead_3079AEGON acquires FIDEM Life and enters the Ukrainian life insurance market
by, 2012-12-13
AEGON has announced on December 5th, its acquisition of FIDEM Life, the fifth largest life insurance company in Ukraine, further strengthening the Dutch insurer's position on the CEE market. "Given the sizeable population and low penetration of life insurance in the country, Ukraine offers AEGON an attractive long-term growth opportunity. FIDEM Life's dedicated customer centric business approach fits well with AEGON's strategy," stated Gabor KEPECS, CEO of AEGON CEE and a Member of AEGON's Management Board.
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img_lead_3080SLOVAKIA: ACHMEA won the first battle with Fico's government in the health insurance war
by, 2012-12-13
The International Court of Arbitration ruled in favor of the health insurance company UNION, a health insurance subsidiary of the Dutch insurer ACHMEA, following its legal action started against Slovakia. The insurer claimed the violation of the investments protection agreements when PM Robert Fico, during his first mandate, decided to ban private insurers from making profits.
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img_lead_3082SERBIA: General Manager at DUNAV Insurance Company changed
by, 2012-12-13
The biggest insurance company in Serbia, DUNAV Insurance Company, will appoint new General Manager as of mid-December: former General Manager Milenka JEZDIMIROVIC, who has held this position since 2009, resigned in early December reportedly for personal reasons. Former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DUNAV insurance, Marko CULIBRK will replace her, as Acting Director in the next six months.
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