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XPRIMM News No. 251, August 21, 2014

Insurance Newsletter, No. 251, August 21, 2014

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img_lead_5426PZU is one step closer to finalizing the RSA subsidiaries' acquisition in Poland and the Baltic states
by, 2014-08-21
PZU's acquisition of the British Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance subsidiaries in Poland and the Baltic keeps moving forward as the Polish insurance market's leader recently got a green light from anti-monopoly and consumer protection office UOKiK for the takeover of insurer Link4, UOKiK said in a statement.
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img_lead_5422UKRAINE: Insurers could pay claims of EUR 17 milion for damages in areas hit by anti-terrorist operations
by, 2014-08-21
At the end of July, Ukrainian insurers received claims of UAH 97.38 million (EUR 5.5 million.) for insured losses in regions affected by anti-terrorist operations. Insurers have already paid more than UAH 12 million (EUR 685,000). The total claims could reach UAH 300 million (EUR 17 million), reports
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img_lead_5441ALLIANZ 1H2014: Half year results confirm the EUR 10 billion operating profit target for the full year
by, 2014-08-21
In the first half of the year, ALLIANZ Group reported the highest total revenues in the company's history. Total revenues rose 7.8% to EUR 63.42 billion. Operating profit climbed 6.4% to EUR 5.49 billion, while net income attributable to shareholders advanced 3% to EUR 3.40 billion in 1H2014.
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ergo2013GREECE: ERGO to become the largest property-casualty insurer by acquiring ATE Insurance
by, 2014-08-21
The ERGO Insurance Group announced it has agreed to acquire 100% of the Greek company ATE Insurance, the property-casualty arm of PIRAEUS Bank - Greece's second-largest lender by assets. The purchase price is EUR 90.1 million, ERGO noted in a press release. The deal is pending regulatory approvals and is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.
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img_lead_5438AZERBAIJAN: More and more people buy life insurance
by, 2014-08-21
In the first half of 2014, the insurance market of Azerbaijan increased by 7.05%, to AZN 211.99 million, compared to AZN 198.02 million in the same period of 2013, according to data presented by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
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img_lead_5429UNIQA reaffirms its commitment to Russia and Ukraine
by, 2014-08-21
Austrian insurer UNIQA remains committed to doing business in Russia and Ukraine, despite political tensions between these two countries, said Andreas BRANDSTETTER, CEO of the group, in an interview for WirtschaftsBlatt.
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img_lead_5434MONTENEGRO's insurance market down 1% y-o-y in H1
by, 2014-08-21
Montenegro's insurance market declined by 1% on the year to EUR 35.3 million in the first six months of the current year, according to data provided by the Insurance Supervision Agency (ANO). Gross written premiums from non-life insurance totaled EUR 29.4 million, down by 4.4% y-o-y and accounted for ~83.4% market share, slightly lower compared to 1H 2013 (86.3%).
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img_lead_5431TURKEY: 15 years after the Marmara quake, 37% of the Turkish houses have earthquake insurance
by, 2014-08-21
The Turkish catastrophe insurance pool - DASK issued in the first seven months of 2014 a total number of Mandatory Earthquake Insurance policies of 6.5 million, which means that about 37% of the Turkish houses are covered for the earthquake risk. The total premium value amounted to TL 674 million (EUR 232.4 million).
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img_lead_5435SLOVENIA 1Q2014: The downward trend continues
by, 2014-08-21
Slovenian insurers ended the first quarter of 2014 with GWP of EUR 558 million, 2.5% less than in the same period of 2013. Thus, the downward trend established last year continued. Paid claims also decreased by 5.4%, to EUR 330 million.
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img_lead_5440TURKEY 1H2014: After years of double digit growth rates, the market ends 1H with a 5.7% increase in premiums
by, 2014-08-21
After the impressive growth rates recorded during the previous years, in 2014 it seems the Turkish market is slowing down, with only a 5.75% increase in GWP y-o-y after the first half of the year, following the 6.1% y-o-y increase reported in 1Q2014. Life insurance and motor insurance are responsible for the current appeasement.
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ingosstrakhINGOSSTRAKH plans to reform its business across Russia
by, 2014-08-21
According to CEO of INGOSSTRAKH Insurance Company, Mikhail VOLKOV, the insurance business in Russia is in a very difficult situation: regulation gets tougher; MTPL is undergoing a crisis, etc.
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img_lead_5436MOLDOVA 1H2014: Insurance payments increased by over 40% in the first half year while revenues remained constant
by, 2014-08-21
The Moldavian insurance market recorded, in the first half of this year, a total gross written premiums volume of MDL 575.8 million (EUR 31 million), a figure higher by 0.74% compared to 1H2013 (MDL 571.5 million - EUR 35.44 million), according to financial data centralized by the National Commission for Financial Markets (NCFM).
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img_lead_5433KOSOVO, 1H2014: Insurance market sees slight decrease in GWP
by, 2014-08-21
During the first six months of the current year, due the volume of gross written premiums criteria, the insurance sector in Kosovo reported a slight decrease of 0.5% y-o-y to EUR 39.2 million, the Central Bank data showed.
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img_lead_5432ALBANIAN insurers' GWP rises 34.6% during first half
by, 2014-08-21
For the first six months of the current year, Albanian insurers reported gross written premiums of ALL 5.32 billion (~EUR 38 million), 34.6% more y-o-y, the official statistics published by Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority (AFSA) indicated. The number of new insurance contracts decreased by 1.34% y-o-y to 447,244 through June, AFSA noted in a statement.
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img_lead_5437UZBEKISTAN, 1H2014: Mandatory types of insurance contributed to the growth of the local insurance market
by, 2014-08-21
In the first half of 2014, the volume of gross written premiums collected by Uzbek insurance companies totaled UZS 220 milliard or EUR 70 million, up by 23% in national currency, as compared with 1H2013, according to the market data provided by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
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img_lead_5439KAZAKHSTAN: Local market down by 4.64%
by, 2014-08-21
According to the revised data from the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in January-June 2014, gross written premiums collected by local insurance companies totaled KZT 144 billion (EUR 578.73 million), which is 4.64% lower in local currency compared to the same period of 2013.
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img_lead_5430TALANX forecasted 2-3% increase in GWP and net income of at least EUR 700 million for 2014
by, 2014-08-21
The German insurer TALANX reported a slight growth in gross written premium in the first half of 2014 to EUR 15 billion. At the same time, the operating profit (EBIT) remained unchanged at EUR 1 billion, the Group net income declines slightly to EUR 381 million (vs. EUR 410 million in 1H2013), while the combined ratio was roughly on par with the previous year, at 96.4% (vs. 96.1%).
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img_lead_5419ZURICH reports BOP of USD 2.6 billion for H1
by, 2014-08-21
Swiss ZURICH Insurance Group posted a 1H2014 business operating profit (BOP) of USD 2.6 billion, up 15% y-o-y, while its net income attributable to shareholders (NIAS) increased to USD 2.1 billion, from USD 1.9 billion in 1H2013. At the same time, the H1 combined ratio improved by 2%, to 96.1%.
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img_lead_5420The issues of agricultural insurance will be discussed in Istanbul this October
by, 2014-08-21
The world has gained experience in underwriting agricultural insurance, using advanced satellite technology to simplify the process and various methods of determining and quantifying risks for different cultures. There are some countries which have been very successful in this field, such as Austria, Spain, Turkey, Israel, the United States and Canada. Ukraine also has moved forward significantly in comparison with other CIS countries.
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AVIVA H1 operating profit GBP 1,052 million

ACHMEA: operational result increases to EUR 142 million

AEGON delivers strong Q2 2014 results

AZERBAIJAN endorsed list of injuries for execution of Law on Compulsory Insurance

BELARUS: Finance Ministry issues standards for safe operations for insurers

BMW cars stolen 'to be shipped to LATVIA'

CROATIA: ALLIANZ Group H1 operating profit from life insurance down 17%

KBC:Excellent commercial results in the second quarter, impacted by severe legislation in Hungary

RUSSIA: Central bank mulling support for insurers hit by reinsurance shortage

TURKEY: ALLIANZ H1 operating profit from property/casualty insurance up 30%

TURKEY: Biggest govt-owned bank to sell insurance units

TURKEY: Insurance firms' attitude toward high risk sector saps exports
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