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XPRIMM News No. 257, November 13, 2014

Insurance Newsletter, No. 257, November 13, 2014

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Insurance Europe: IMD 2 must benefit policyholders and be workable for insurers
by, 2014-11-13
The final revised text of the Insurance Mediation Directive (IMD 2) should result in a solution that both benefits policyholders and is not unnecessarily burdensome for the insurance industry, points out Insurance Europe, the European insurance and reinsurance federation, in a press release.

STATISTICS: TURKISH market ends 3Q with a 6.3% increase in GWP
by, 2014-11-07
At the end of September, the Turkish insurance sector totaled TRY 19 billion (EUR 6.6 billion), this representing a nominal increase of 6.3% y-o-y, according to the statistics recently published by the Insurance Association of Turkey - TSB.
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PZU 3Q2014: MTPL insurance line is one the main sources of decreasing profitability
by, 2014-11-13
The Polish PZU Group published today its interim financial report for 3Q2014 announcing GWP of PLN 12.16 billion, fairly equal to the 3Q2013 volume. On the profitability side the Group recorded a 7.3% y-o-y decrease of the net financial result. Excluding one-off events, the net result decreased by 0.6% y-o-y, while ROE was 26.4%, down 1.0 pp as compared with 3Q23013.

STATISTICS: MOLDOVA 3Q2014: Insurance premiums totaled MDL 900 million, while claims increased by 28%
by, 2014-11-10
In the first nine months of the current year, gross premiums written by the 16 insurance companies active on the Moldavian market totaled MDL 899.88 million, up by 3.31% compared to the same period of 2013, according to the data of the National Commission for Financial Markets.
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CROATIA Osiguranje, 3Q2014: EUR 24 million losses and a restructuring program in course
by, 2014-11-13
CROATIA Osiguranje, one of the most important insurers in the Adriatic region, ended the first nine months of 2014 with a consolidated loss after tax and minority shares of HRK 184.2 million (~EUR 24 million). According to the company's interim report, the negative result was driven by the decreasing premium income and adjusted value of financial assets, as well as by the higher provisions for unexpired risks and the provisions made for severance pays owed to the employees laid off due to the company's restructuring program.
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TRIGLAV Group, 3Q2014: Preliminary performance results show a 36% growth in net profit
by, 2014-11-13
According to the Group's press release of today, in 3Q 2014 the TRIGLAV Group recorded a 36% y-o-y growth in net profit and booked 2% less in gross insurance and co-insurance premium. In the reporting period, net profit of the Triglav Group amounted to EUR 77 million, whereas premium written totalled EUR 688.6 million.
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SWISS Re 3Q net income up slightly to USD 3.26 billion
by, 2014-11-11
SWISS Re reported a 14.46% increase in net income to USD 1.23 billion for the three months to the end of September compared to the same period of last year, while for January-September 2014, the same indicator was USD 3.26 billion (vs. USD 3.24 billion in 3Q2013). At the same time, the value of earned premiums and fee income increased by 11.26%, to USD 23.42 billion.
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GENERALI, 3Q2014: increasing operating results and optimistic expectations for year end; full control over GPH to be achieved in January 2015
by, 2014-11-11
Despite the still uncertain macro-economic environment characterised by persistently low interest rates, the GENERALI Group's operating result increased to EUR 3.7 billion in 3Q2014, 12.8% up y-o-y, with a strong upturn in the third quarter, of 20.8% y-o-y.
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ALLIANZ 3Q2014: higher revenues driven by the saving products and higher volume-driven gross premiums in P&C
by, 2014-11-11
ALLIANZ Group's total revenues amounted to EUR 92.2 billion in the first 9 months of 2014, an increase of 9.8% y-o-y. A remarkable growth was recorded in savings products premiums in the Life/Health business and higher volume-driven gross premiums was also written on the Property-Casualty business segment.
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ZURICH reports BOP of USD 3.8 billion in 3Q2014
by, 2014-11-06
For the first nine months of 2014, ZURICH Insurance Group reported a business operating profit (BOP) of USD 3.8 billion (up 7%) and net income attributable to shareholders (NIAS) of USD 3.0 billion - or 3% more compared to the prior year. At the same time, the combined ratio improved 1.2% y-o-y to 96.6% during the first nine months of the year.
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Credit Europe Asigurari
SCOR reported 3Q net income up 25% y-o-y to EUR 377 million
by, 2014-11-06
The Paris-based reinsurer SCOR reported a 24.8% y-o-y increase in its nine-month net income to EUR 377 million due to " strong technical results from both Life and P&C", as the company noted in a press release. At the same time, its gross written premiums were up by 11.2% y-o-y to EUR 8.38 billion "despite unfavorable exchange rates".

MUNICH Re net profit up by 17% y-o-y in Q3. The Group reconfirmed the guidance for FY2014
by, 2014-11-06
Germany's MUNICH Re - the world's biggest reinsurer, reported a consolidated profit of EUR 2.4 billion for the first nine months of 2014. For Q3, the Group reported a profit of EUR 738 million (vs. EUR 630 million) or 17% more y-o-y, while the gross written premiums decreased by 3.6% to EUR 12.1 billion.
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10.3% increase in net income for HANNOVER Re in 3Q
by, 2014-11-05
The German reinsurer HANNOVER Re reported a 10.3% increase in Group net income for the third-quarter 2014, to EUR 695.4 million, while the operating profit (EBIT) rose by 10.7% to EUR 1.09 billion.
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STATISTICS: Azerbaijan 3Q2014: Life insurance continues to be the market leader
by, 2014-11-04
In 3Q2014, the insurance market of Azerbaijan totaled AZN 314.13 million, reporting an increase rate of 3.54% in local currency, while the claims payments amounted to AZN 116.39 million, up by 31.46%, according to data presented by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Taking into account the exchange rate variations, in European currency, the insurance market increased by 10.18%, to EUR 315.55 million.
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STATISTICS: Insurance agencies in FBiH and RS reported a 7.8% growth rate for BOSNIAN market in 3Q2014
by, 2014-11-12
Based on the figures released by the insurance agencies in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Srpska Republic (RS), in 3Q2014 the added-up value of gross written premiums by the 24 insurers active in the two administrative entities that formed Bosnia and Herzegovina increased to EUR 218 million, or 7.8% more y-o-y.
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PZU obtained the approvals to acquire RSA Group's subsidiaries in Lithuania and Estonia
AON Benfield acquired SAFE Brokers to strengthen its position in Greece and Cyprus
AON reports Q3 revenue up 3% and net income up 21%
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Turkish Capital Markets Board approved the IPO of AVIVA-SABANCI insurance venture
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AVIVA plc Third Quarter 2014 Interim Management Statement

780,000 cars issued with compulsory insurance policies over ten months of 2014 in AZERBAIJAN

ALLIANZ 9-mo operating profit from property/casualty insurance in TURKEY up 3.0%

AON Consulting sets up enterprise in LATVIA

Belarusian, British insurance associations agree on cooperation

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia are better prepared for future floods following severe flooding in May 2014

BULGARIA: Solvency II to change insurers' perspective on risks

IF earns EUR 17.4 mln in Baltics in January-September

KYRGYZSTAN: Revenues from insurance premiums amount to 1.8Bn soms in October

MetLife RUSSIA Holdings fall 26% in quarter to USD 680 million

NN Group reports strong 3Q14 results

TURKEY: More than half of construction projects halted after inspections

TURKEY: Surety insurance replaces performance and bid bonds

UKRAINE: KRAYINA insurer becomes partner of Pivdenna Railways on OSAGO

VIG's MACEDONIAN life-insurance units in portfolio transfer deal
RUSSIA 1H 2014
TURKEY FY 2013 and 1H2014
KAZAKHSTAN FY 2013 and 1H2014



enkeleda_shehi3_80Enkeleda SHEHI
Albanian FSA

According to EUROPA Re, an earthquake with a probability of occurrence once in 500 years could cause in a country like Albania damages around EUR 3.5 billion, out of which EUR 2 billion could be the bill to the households.

grafic_stire_xcom_micWhy do foreign insurers leave Russia? May be due to the "profitable" motor insurance?
by, 2014-11-04
One after another, foreign insurance companies that operate on the Russian insurance market decide to give up their retail business, especially in regions with a high loss ratio on MTPL insurance.
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3Q2014 Moldova
3Q2014 Turkey
3Q2014 Azerbaijan
3Q2014 Bosnia

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andres_piirsalu80Andres PIIRSALU
Member of Executive Board
Estonian Insurance Association (EKsL)
Motor Insurance Bureau and Guarantee Fund (LKF)

One of the major challenges was definitely preparation for the new law on MTPL which will be partially in force from October 1st this year and fully in force from January 1st 2015.


CertAsig appointed a new Risk Engineering Manager
by, 2014-10-31
With an impressive engineering background and over 13 years of experience in the insurance market, Dragos MINDRUTA joined CertAsig as the new Risk Engineering Manager, responsible for technical and engineering surveys related to Performance & Advance Payment Bonds, CAR and Property insurance policies.
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