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XPRIMM News No. 276, September 3, 2015

Insurance Newsletter, No. 276, September 3, 2015

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Swiss Re

Working together to make the industry Future Ready: Swiss Re at RVS Monte Carlo 2015

Les Rendez-vous de Septembre in Monte Carlo is on the horizon. The annual event in Monte Carlo brings insurers and reinsurers together to talk about what the future may hold for the industry. Many of the issues for our industry are very familiar to us all. One that is already being discussed more than in previous years is the impact of technology. This impact can, of course, be positive as well as negative. So while conversations at conference season will be on the state of the market we, as an industry, can also take the opportunity to share knowledge and opinions on these technological trends.

After all we need to continue to work together in the search for the answers on how we can help economies and societies in the future.

Find out more about how we are working together to make the industry future ready (click here).

Future ready - Swiss Re at Conference season 2015

Date: 13 - 16 Sep 2015
Duration: 4 days
Location: Av. de Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo

SWISS Re 1H2015: USD 2.3 billion net income, on track to reach 2011-2015 financial targets
by, 2015-09-03
Swiss Re reported an 11% rise in net income to USD 2.3 billion for the first half of 2015. All business segments contributed positively to this result, with Property & Casualty Reinsurance delivering net income of USD 1.3 billion for the period, while the combined ratio of 88.7% reflects disciplined underwriting and benign natural catastrophe losses.
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Earthquakes and record high temperatures made thousands of victims in 1H2015; climate change on the ICAR 2015 agenda
by, 2015-09-03
Disaster events claimed many lives in the first six months of 2015. In all, around 18 000 people lost their lives. There were more than 9 000 fatalities in the earthquakes that struck Nepal in close succession in April and May, the largest loss of life due to any natural catastrophes so far this year. The quakes also left many people homeless. The economic losses in Nepal are estimated to be more than USD 5 billion. Of those, only around USD 160 million were insured losses.

The global insurance industry paid USD 12.9 billion for losses caused by natural disasters in 1H2015; overall economic losses stood at USD 33 million
by, 2015-09-03
According to preliminary sigma estimates, total economic losses from natural catastrophes and man-made disasters reached USD 37 billion in the first half of 2015. The global insurance industry covered nearly 45% (USD 16.5 billion) of these losses, which is higher than the previous 10-year average cover of 27%. Around 18 000 people lost their lives in disaster events in H1 2015, up from more than 4 800 in the first half of last year. The earthquakes in Nepal, and a heatwave in India and Pakistan, claimed the highest number of victims.
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Swiss Re
Lower incidence of major losses pushes up MUNICH Re's profit in 1H2015 and fuels optimism for the year end results
by, 2015-09-03
MUNICH Re posted a consolidated profit of EUR 1.07 million for the second quarter of 2015, 41.2% up y-o-y, while for 1H the profit amounted to EUR 1.87 billion, 9.6% up y-o-y. The below-average random incidence of major losses, as well as the very good investment result were the main drivers of the good results reported for the 2nd quarter. For the current financial year, Munich Re is now aiming for a profit of at least EUR 3 billion.
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GENERALI, 1H2015: Record high profitability and positive unwriting dynamic
by, 2015-09-03
In profitability terms the GENERALI Group achieved its best performance in the last eight years in 1H2015, with the operating result going up by 11.3% y-o-y, to EUR 2.78 billion while the net profit grew by more than 21% to EUR 1.30 billion. GWP increased by 7.3% to EUR 38.2 billion, showing an upward trend in both segments. In August Fitch Rating affirmed IFS (Insurer Financial Strength) rating of Generali and its core subsidiaries to A-.
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UNIQA records earnings growth and higher premiums in first half of 2015
by, 2015-08-31
In the first half of 2015, UNIQA Insurance Group AG (UNIQA Group) generated a profit on ordinary activities (EBT) of EUR 190.8 million (+5.2 per cent; 1-6/2014: EUR 181.4 million). Consolidated net profit (after taxes and minority interests) amounted to EUR 156.3 million (+27.3 per cent; 1-6/2014: EUR 122.8 million).
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Are October 18th and 20th on your Baden-Baden agenda? Save the dates!
by, 2015-09-03
The specialists participating this year at the Baden-Baden Meetings in Germany are invited to the 7th edition of XPRIMM Reception - the event organized by Media XPRIMM during the Baden-Baden Meetings - as well as the traditional AZERI and TURKISH Evenings.

Credit Europe Asigurari
STATISTICS: HUNGARY 1H2015: motor insurance lines pushed up the non-life GWP figures
by, 2015-09-03
After two years of moderate growth, the results recorded by the Hungarian insurance market in 1H2015 seem to indicate a period of relative stagnation. Thus, GWP went up by about 2% in local currency, to HUF 443.6 billion, while denominated in European currency show a slightly over zero change, once again affected by the Hungarian forint depreciation (EUR 1.4 billion).

STATISTICS: BULGARIA 1H2015: life and motor hull insurance, the main drivers of the market's 9.5% growth
by, 2015-09-03
According to data published by the FSC - Financial Supervision Commission, Bulgarian insurers recorded in 1H 2015 GWP worth EUR 500.15 million, 9.5% up y-o-y. Two were the business segments with a relevant contribution to the market's growth: life insurance which saw a record high growth in premium volume (~21%) and the motor insurance lines, the Motor Hull line in particular (almost 13% y-o-y growth in GWP).

STATISTICS: KAZAKHSTAN, 1H2015: Three times faster growth in claims versus premiums
by, 2015-09-03
In the first half of 2015 gross written premiums reached KZT 151.4 billion or EUR 731.58 billion. Figures denominated in local currency show a growth rate of 4.69%, while in the European currency insurance business increased by 26.41% due to revaluation of KZT against foreign currency.
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Credit Europe Asigurari
STATISTICS: GEORGIA, 1H2015: The higher level of losses may be the most important trend of the current year
by, 2015-09-03
In the first half of 2015, GWP by the Georgian insurers amounted to EUR 83.11 million, up 20.2% y-o-y (GEL 207.72 million). Analyzing the official results one may conclude that the insurance industry has recovered after a sharp y-o-y decline in 2014 when the market decreased by 32.3%. The main reason for the 2014 decline was the complete removal of the insurers from all government's projects, such as the universal healthcare program.
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EUROINS Romania Q2 evolution: 82% decrease of number of complaints
by, 2015-08-31
The complaints registered by EUROINS Romania have decreased with 82% in Q2 2015 compared to Q2 2014 (from 1,393 complaints in April-June 2014 to only 254 in the same period of this year), the company has announced in a press release.
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M&A trend in insurance: Will the new wave "splash" Serbia as well
by, 2015-09-03
Since the global economic crisis began to wane, economic analysts have become more loud about the new wave of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in insurance. Through these activities which reported a considerable backlog at the global level in recent years, the insurance companies are managing to find room to place the capital in order to increase profits, but also to diversify that capital to get ready for new economic "frontal impacts".


AZERBAIJAN: Provincial Salyan beats second and third large-size cities on insurance field

BOSNIA's Merkur Osiguranje H1 net profit drops 11.5%

Former Zurich head Riddell appointed non-exec at Pool Re

Global reinsurance market showed signs of decelerating rate declines

LATVIAN insurer Balta posts EUR 542,000 in profit in H1

RUSSIA: SOGAZ increased 6-month insurance premiums in St. Petersburg by 7%

SLOVENIA: Insurance Market Supervisor Argues New Rules Making Insurers Even Safer

TURKEY:Nearly 75 percent of the insurance sector is either foreign-owned or partnered

VIDEO: Mesut YETISKUL, CREDIT EUROPE Asigurari: I don't see a big improvement in people's behavior, insurance is still a second item on their list
by, 2015-09-03
The economic growth reported in the last years is expected to have a positive effect on the Romanian insurance market, Mesut YETISKUL, General Director of CREDIT EUROPE Asigurari, explained in an interview for XPRIMM TV.



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All the professionals participating this year at "Les Rendez-vous de Septembre 2015" in Monte-Carlo will have the opportunity to complete their XPRIMM Publications collection with the latest issues of the specialized magazines. Those who visit the XPRIMM Stand at the Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo will receive a free copy of XPRIMM Insurance Report.

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Hungary 1H2015
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WorldPensionSummit 2015
September 10-11, 2015
The Hague, Netherlands
Media Partner: XPRIMM Publications
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5th Annual Risk Management Forum
September 10-11, 2015
Vienna, Rennaisance Wien Hotel
Organizer: Global Leading Conferences KFT
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2nd Annual Insurance Business Forum
September 7-11, 2015
Sochi, Russia
Organizer: DELOVOY Format Group
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Les Rendez-vous de Septembre 2015
September 12-17, 2015
Monte Carlo, Monaco
For details:
XV-Annual International Financial Forum
September 16-19, 2015
Odessa, Ukraine
Organizers: LIOU and Business Strategy Center Perspektiva
Media Partner: XPRIMM Publications
For details:
LIMRA European Annual Conference Paris 2015 - The Sharing Economy Opportunities
September 20-22, 2015
Paris, France
Organizer: LIMRA EMEA
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For details:
17th Hydra Meeting
September 24-26, 2015
Hydra Island, Greece
Organizer: Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies
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IAA Regional Seminar
September 28-29, 2015
Baku, Azerbaijan
Organizer: Actuarial Association of Azerbaijan with support of the International Actuarial Association (IAA)
Media Partner: XPRIMM Publications
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12th ICAR - International CAtastrophic Risks Forum
October 1th, 2015
HILTON Hotel - Bucharest, Romania
Organizer: Media XPRIMM
Media Partner: PRIMM Magazine - Insurance & Pensions
20th African Reinsurance Forum
October 4-6, 2015
Hotel Movenpick Tangier, Morocco
Organizer: Societe Centrale de Reassurance - SCR and African Insurance Organization - AIO
For details:
Global Summit for Insurance Innovation
October 7-8, 2015
Madrid, Spain
Organizer: INESE
Media Partner: XPRIMM Publications
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2nd Annual Claims Management Conference
October 8-9, 2015
Ayre Hotel Caspe, Barcelona, Spain
Organizer: C-parity
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