North Macedonia


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author: OCHA/ ReliefWeb

- Southeastern Europe;
- Neighbours: Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria.

- warm, dry summers and autumns;
- relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall.

Natural hazards:
- high seismic risks.

Macro indicators
* 2018 estimates
Pop. density*:80.9people/km2
GDP*:10.7EUR billion

European Union:
Official candidate

Currency: Denar
Code: MKD
Since: 1993

Insurance market portfolio
* 2018 estimates
Overall Property*:17%
Overall Motor*:52%




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Macedonia 1H2021 Insurance Companies Ranking

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Macedonia 1H2021 Market Portfolio

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STATISTICS: Macedonian insurance sector responses to COVID-19 with 5.2% contraction after Q3

Macedonian insurers posted nine-months 2020 aggregate GWP worth MKD 7.52 billion (~EUR 122 million), 5.22% less y-o-y, according to the market figures published by the Insurance Supervision Agency of Macedonia.

Non-life GWP dominated the market portfolio accounting more than 84% of the total GWP (MKD 6.33 billion, or EUR 102.7 million) - of which MTPL (40.75% of total), property (20.13%), MoD (8.18%) and GTPL (2.11%) - , the remaining share of 16% being represented by the life insurance segment: GWP of MKD 1.18 billion (EUR 19.2 million).

TRIGLAV (15.18% market share), EUROLINK (11.85%) and MAKEDONIJA (11.41%) were the largest non-life insurers, while CROATIA (38.34%), GRAWE (30.95%) and WINNER LIFE (17.87%) were the top 3 life insurers.

Access and download the 3Q2020 Macedonian insurance market statistics.

STATISTICS: NORTH MACEDONIA, 1H2020: Property insurance grew by 20.5%

During the first six months of 2020, the insurance market of North Macedonia amounted to MKD 5.2 billion (~EUR 83 million*) in gross premiums written (GWP) and MKD 1.8 billion (~EUR 29 million*) in claims paid. The overall GWP of the market decreased by 1.7%, while consolidated claims decreased by 6.8%, in local currency.

GENERALI to consolidates its position on Macedonian asset management market

The Italian group GENERALI informed its Slovenian asset management arm - GENERALI Investments Slovenia - is in the process of acquiring ILIRIKA FM AD SKOPJE by merger with GENERALI Investments AD Skopje, a subsidiary of the oldest asset management company in Slovenia, GENERALI Investments. GENERALI mentioned the transaction is subject to relevant regulatory and competition approval.

HALKBANK wants to further expand activity in Balkans

Turkey-based Halkbank announced the acquisition of Macedonian Nova Insurance, and now shows interest in investing in Moldova, too. Halkbank is already active in North Macedonia and Serbia, making Moldova the third country in the region Halkbank wants to develop.