POLAND: 4.3 million Poles have private health insurance

8 June 2023 —
According to the data collected by the Polish Insurance Association (PIU), at the end of March this year, 4.3 million Poles were covered by private health insurance, which is 12.5% more y-o-y. The quarterly GWP for this type of insurance reached PLN 454.4 million (~EUR 96.88 million), Gazeta Ubezpieczeniowa wrote.

PIU indicates that there is a double-digit increase in the number of insured persons on an annual basis. Inflation, increase in the cost of living, as well as growing interest of Poles in saving do not result in a decline in the popularity of private health insurance.

"Polish society is aging, it is not healthy, and public health care is struggling with more and more problems. Employers know this, that's why they do everything to have effective, and healthy, employees. Recently, the number of sick leaves has increased, mainly due to respiratory and musculoskeletal diseases. Mental health problems are getting worse. Some of these diseases can be prevented through prophylaxis, cured quickly, or stabilized. Access to treatment offered by insurers is invaluable here", says Dorota M. Fal, advisor to the management board of the Polish Insurance Association.

It is worth noting that according to PIU, at the end of 2022, nearly 4.23 million Poles were covered by private health insurance, i.e. 9.2% more than the year before. Premiums on private policies exceeded PLN 1.3 billion (+17% y-o-y).

*EUR 1 = PLN 4.69 (01.04.2023)