POLAND: Despite being the largest CEE market, Polish insurance market potential remains huge

6 April 2020 — Andrei Victor
Despite that the Polish insurance market is the largest in CEE Region, it is still a market with huge potential, according to Roger HODGKISS, member of the top management team of GENERALI Poland being responsible for the P&C sales network and marketing of GENERALI and PROAMA.

In his interview for the Polish insurance and financial weekly Gazeta Ubezpieczeniowa published on GENERALI CEE Holding webpage, Roger HODGKISS poindetd out that Poles are not well insured:

"(...) if the client does end up buying some policy after all, it is the basic one. At the same time, salaries are increasing and the assets held are of increasing value. And this is an opportunity for insurers, including Generali. The problem is that the market is still strongly focused on motor third party liability insurance (MTPL) designed for motor vehicle owners, and the prices of this insurance are still very low and uncertain. I'm afraid our insurers failed to learn from the lesson they were taught a few years ago. We had enough persistence for two years to keep prices at a reasonably decent level, and then, step by step, the insurance market began to move backwards in a very unsafe and dangerous direction".

HODGKISS emphasised the importance of alternative distribution chanels, especially the brokerage companies:

"Brokers are of key importance to us. According to my observations, the broker market is becoming very professional. In addition, the regulatory pressure over the last two years has forced multi-agents to streamline their processes and introduce new IT tools. Though this was a major challenge, the majority of them coped with it very well, resulting in gradual professionalisation of business models."

Speaking about the COVID-19 pandemic and how influenced the new Coronavirus the insurer activity, Roger Hodgkiss pointed out that this challenge strengthens the importance of remote customer service tools:

"Our agents can now issue policies remotely and collect cashless payments. This trend will certainly strengthen, and the current crisis situation will only speed up this process. As an insurer, we support our customers in difficult situations. That's what we're here for!"

Click here to read the full interview with Roger HODGKISS.

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