POLAND: PZU Auto Ochrony Prawna, a new service for fleet and leasing customers

24 September 2020 —
PZU Group announced that from mid-September, PZU Auto has an additional variant of Legal Protection insurance. Thanks to it, drivers get quick and easy access to legal services in Poland and Europe.

In the event of an event abroad, clients can count not only on telephone support in Polish, English and Russian, but also on the help of an attorney or legal advisor. Until now, only individual clients could use the PZU Auto Ochrony Prawna offer. Recognizing the potential of using such a product among entrepreneurs, we expanded it and made it available for fleets and leasing.

Konrad Owsinski, Motor Insurance Underwriting Director at PZU, explained:

"Professional drivers cover thousands of kilometers a year, traveling on Polish and European roads. Anywhere they can be exposed to the risk of an incident that will require legal support. With fleet customers in mind, PZU has extended the PZU Auto Ochrony Prawna insurance to include legal support abroad. It is very helpful when it is necessary to pursue your rights."

The extension of the PZU Auto insurance with the Legal Protection (PAOP) option for corporate fleet and leasing clients is a novelty in PZU's offer, as so far the insurer has only offered it to individual clients. The insurance is available to holders of third party liability or comprehensive liability insurance in PZU.

Konrad Owsinski added:

"We provide help wherever possible. That is why we have decided to make PZU Auto Ochrony Prawna insurance available to fleet customers. We offer quick and easy access to legal services in Poland and Europe. Our consultants, speaking Polish, English and Russian, are ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We give a sense of security in a stressful situation, which is undoubtedly an accident on the road."

The PZU Auto Legal Protection insurance is available in two variants: Comfort and Super. In both cases, guaranteed benefits include telephone legal advice and intermediation in conversations by telephone on the scene with the emergency services and the police, bystanders and other participants of the incident. Moreover, the insurance covers the costs of legal opinions and providing legal information as well as the costs of the lawyer's or solicitor's fees.

By choosing the Super option, the amount of the sum insured is increased and, additionally, the scope covers costs incurred in connection with the proceedings related to the retention of the driving license.

Source: pzu.pl