POLAND: Saltus Insurance: the number of people covered by health insurance increased by 14%

1 November 2021 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Every year Poles choose personal insurance more and more, thus the number of people covered by health insurance increased by 14% as of now, and the number of group contracts for life protection increased by 6%. About 3.5 million people are using health insurance policies and almost 12 million are covered by group life insurance, Gazeta Ubezpieczeniowa reports.

The latest data from the Polish Chamber of Insurance (PIU) show that over 3.5 million Poles have already opted for private health insurance (+14.8% y-o-y). In turn, according to the data of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the number of active group life insurance contracts increased by over 6% y-o-y and currently exceeds 572,000.

PIU also created the "Map of the Risks of Poles"- a list of ten worries and fears that most often concern people in Poland. The collected data show that as many as 87% of respondents are afraid of a serious illness of a loved one, and 85% are afraid of their death. These are the first two fears, and the remaining eight also mostly concern health, including access to medical care - 71% of respondents are concerned about the lack of adequate treatment.

"These reasons indicated in the study are the most common reasons why Poles buy personal insurance. The reasons also serve as an important guideline for us - insurers. Thanks to this, we know exactly what Poles expect and how we can support them. Our knowledge is also eagerly used by employers, when choosing the scope of group insurance that protects health and life of employees", says Xenia KRUSZEWSKA, director of the Health Insurance Department at Saltus Insurance.

Saltus Insurance (Saltus Ubezpieczenia) consists of two insurance companies: SALTUS Towarzystwo Ubezpiecze?n Wzajemnych (property and personal insurance) and SALTUS Towarzystwo Ubezpiecze?n Na Zycie SA (life insurance) and provides a full range of insurance products for life and property insurance.

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