Polish and Slovak motor insurers offer free 30 days MTPL insurance coverage for Ukrainian refugees travelling by car

3 March 2022 — Daniela GHETU
Several Polish insurers have joined an initiative to help Ukrainian refugees travelling by car in Poland: free 30-day insurance coverage for vehicle owners who enter Poland with cars with Ukrainian registration numbers is available free from Allianz, ERGO Hestia, PZU and Warta.

The announcement was published, in English and Ukrainian, on the Polish Chamber of Insurers' website. In response to this act of solidarity, Vyacheslav Chernyakhovsky, general director of the Ukrainian association of insurers sent a message saying: "We appreciate your support for those who were not able to take out insurance before crossing the European Union border. Your support for the citizens of Ukraine is extremely valuable."

A similar solidarity gesture was made also by the Slovak Insurers Bureau which posted on its home page an announcement informing motorists from Ukraine "that the damage to the territory of the Slovak Republic caused by vehicles registered in Ukraine by 31st of March 2022 will be covered by the Slovak Insurers' Bureau."

Polish and Slovak insurers' initiatives came to complement a a measure announced by the Ukrainian authorities, that allows Ukrainian refugees crossing the border by car to exit the country without a Green Card insurance, a document usually required. Yet, once arrived in the countries of destination, Green Card insurance or border insurance needs to be presented or acquired. Only Moldova announced a respite of 24 hours granted to Ukrainian motorist entering the country to acquire the necessary form of insurance according the trip they are planning.