Polish car owners more interested to comprehensively insure their vehicles

21 February 2024 — Daniela GHETU

The number of MoD active policies in the Polish market amounted to 7.3 million units by the end of Q42023, which 4% more y-o-y, data from the Insurance Guarantee Fund show.

According to the analysts of the Polish insurance magazine TUZ Ubezpieczenia, a possible reason for the growing popularity of comprehensive insurance may be the impact of inflation on the rates of vehicle repairs. According to data from the Automarket.pl platform, the average hourly rate for a mechanic in 2022 increased by 38%, and the prices of parts went up by 15-25%.

An argument that speaks in favor of buying comprehensive insurance is the prices of comprehensive insurance have been growing much slower in recent years than the costs of repairs and parts. Moreover, now the industry offers products, like MoD Mini, that allow you to pay less for insurance and keep most of the protection resulting from comprehensive insurance. According to TUZ data, the difference in the cost of MoD and MoD Mini for the same driver and vehicle can reach up to 70%.

MoD Mini policies cover the damages that were beyond the control of the vehicle owner, such as theft or large damage caused by natural disasters, such as hail or flooding, and caused by animals. However, AC Mini will not provide protection in a situation where the owner of the vehicle is the cause of the accident or collision.

Mini casco can be an attractive solution for customers who usually drive only short distances or relatively rare, or owners of older vehicles whose age no longer allows them to be covered by traditional AC.