RMS and XPRIMM invite you to the "Innovations and Challenges in managing Natural Catastrophe risks" webinar series: "Making every risk known - CEE"

25 March 2021 — XPRIMM
RMS, the world's leading catastrophe risk solutions company, in association with XPRIMM invite to attend Tuesday, 30 March, 9am - 10am CET, the episode dedicated to the CEE region in the "Innovations and Challenges in managing Natural Catastrophe risks" webinar series.

The repeated dramatic floods in the decade from 2005-2015 that hit the Eastern Europe region, together with increasing concern around impact of climate change, have radically highlighted the need for more insights and innovation in Insurance risk management. In the span of the last 40 years, insured losses from extreme weather and climate related events in the EU member countries of the CEE region amounted, in average to merely about 10% of the total losses. In this context, reducing the NatCat protection gap is a topic that needs serious consideration.

This informative Webinar is designed especially for the Central and Eastern Europe insurance sector. In this webinar, current and future trends and challenges for the insurance industry will be discussed, and new solutions and techniques to better manage risk around natural disasters will be highlighted. Participants in this webinar will benefit from new insights into recent scientific and technological advances on natural catastrophe risk modelling, to more confidently manage and grow portfolios, with a focus on flood and severe convective storm risks.

Participation in the webinar is free of charge. Online registration is opened on the event's website.

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