RUSSIA: Conference "InsurSelling-2021. Insurance sales - strategy and tactics, transformation and evolution, myths and reality "

18 January 2021 — press.release
On January 27, 2021, the first conference "InsurSelling-2021. Insurance sales - strategy and tactics, transformation and evolution, myths and reality", organized by "Insurance Today" in a mixed, online-offline format, in which some of the speakers gather in a specialized studio, and all other speakers and participants take part in the online mode, will take place in Moscow.

The main goal of the conference is to discuss the problems and prospects of organizing and implementing sales of insurance products and programs in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficult economic situation.

At the conference InsurSelling-2021, companies that have achieved outstanding results in digital transformation of sales and their adaptation to complex modern conditions will be recognized. During the sessions of the conference, it is planned to discuss a wide range of important and sensitive topics and issues for insurers and authorities, including:

- Retail and corporate sales - the main trends of the year

- Financial marketplace of the Bank of Russia - impact on the "landscape" of the insurance market

- What has changed and what has been canceled. How the pandemic affected policyholder behavior and preferences and how insurers reacted to it

- It is easier to sell understandable products - introduction of the key information documents and development of conscious demand

- Agency networks - growth, development, and digitalization

- Insurance brokers - loyal customers and an increase in insurance premiums

- Systemic problems of the sales channels. Dumping, misseling and fraud - can insurers fight and win?

- Ecosystems and marketplaces - is selling of insurance as a by-product promising?

- From multichannel to omnichannel. How not to lose customers in a bizarre maze of interactions

- Sales and products - dualism or bipolarity and how to optimize it?

- Insurance distribution - the role and importance of regional networks

- Digital channels - technology or hype? Social networks, mobile apps, marketplaces, and ecosystems today and tomorrow

- Artificial intelligence in sales systems - can bots replace personal "charm"?

- Digital insurance and digital services - mutual penetration and enrichment.

The heads and representatives of the Bank of Russia, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the Financial Ombudsman Service, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, professional associations of insurers, rating agencies and consulting companies, insurance organizations, InsurTech companies, insurance agents and brokers, journalists of specialized media are invited to participate in the conference.

Additional information about the conference can be found on the event page

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