Romanian insurers awarded for their achievements throughout the last year

24 August 2023 — Daniela GHETU
The Romanian insurance industry will celebrate tonight its achievements at the 23rd edition of the Insurance Market Awards Gala. The Awards Gala represents a culminating moment in the industry's calendar, the occasion to recognize and celebrate the achievements of insurance companies and professionals.

Here are the most valuable prizes that will be awarded:

Company of the Year - Excellence in Insurance: This trophy will reward the company that demonstrated the greatest innovation, performance and significant contribution in the insurance market.

Excellence in Customer Relations: This distinction will be awarded to a company that has developed the strongest ties with its customers through personalized services and innovative solutions.

Excellence in Service Quality: This award recognizes the company that has offered the highest quality standards in the provision of insurance services, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Excellence in Life Insurance: A category dedicated to those who have excelled in providing products and services in the field of life insurance, protecting and ensuring the future of their clients.

Broker of the Year: This award will honor an insurance broker who has demonstrated exceptional expertise in finding the most suitable solutions for the needs of his clients.

Manager of the Year: An outstanding professional will be recognized for his leadership and significant contribution to the insurance industry.

Stay tuned to find out who won the awards!