SCOR- Covea dispute takes new twist: AMF rejects the accusations against Denis Kessler

3 June 2021 — Alexandra GUZUN
The complaint filed by Covea against Denis Kessler, Chairman and CEO of SCOR is not supported by the French Financial markets authority (AMF) which informed the French Financial prosecution office that the information it has gathered does not support the serious charges of market abuse.

On 24 ofMarch 2021, Covea has field a complaint against SCOR's CEO, Denis Kessler, for market manipulation and misuse of corporate assets.

SCOR acknowledges and welcomes the statement by the French financial markets authority, consulted by the French financial prosecution office regarding the complaint filed by Covea against Denis Kessler.

The same day that Covea announced it had filed this complaint for alleged market abuse resulting from SCOR having bought back its own shares between October 25, 2018, and December 10, 2018, SCOR had condemned this as "a groundless move by the Covea Group".

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