SSL Endeavour rebranded to OneGlobal Insurance Broking, in Greece & Cyprus

15 February 2021 — Daniela GHETU
SSL Endeavour in Greece & Cyprus has now officially rebranded to OneGlobal Insurance Broking Ltd in full alignment with the Group's businesses globally. The group's rebranding operation started in June 2020, announcing ambitious plans for organic growth and the acquisition of like-minded broking businesses and talented individuals.

The name OneGlobal mirrors the global reach of the business and the one - team mindset that they bring to their clients no matter their geographical location around the world.

"I am very proud to be making this announcement" said George Tsavliris, Non-Executive Chairman of OneGlobal Greece & Cyprus. He has also reported that in response to its team's proactive measures, "OneGlobal have gained the trust and confidence of the most significant players in the Greek & Cypriot shipping market. This has resulted in expanding our portfolio, despite the impact and challenges that the current global pandemic has presented"

"OneGlobal is a company created with the fundamental basics of professionalism, ethos, loyalty, integrity and personal interest, since we have been involved in the shipping sector throughout our careers" said Tsavliris. "Many of our competitors who had close links with the Greek market have been involved with mergers, acquisitions etc. which has created large and what I would consider 'impersonal' companies. On this basis, knowing the Greek idiosyncrasy, I'm not sure that these vast corporates can satisfy the demands of the Greek shipping community. Personal contact and relationships have always been an intricate part of our business. "

Oneglobal Broking is a specialist international broking company focused on the placement of open market and delegated authority business, across marine, aviation, property, casualty and specialty lines. Owned by renown financial services private equity business JC Flowers, the business was founded in 2018 following the merger of the SSL and Endeavour insurance broking houses.

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