STATISTICS: SERBIA, 3Q2020: Local insurers' 9 months business expanded 2.2% y-o-y

10 December 2020 — Andrei Victor
Serbian insurers' 3Q2020 business increased 2.17% y-o-y to RSD 80.73 billion (~EUR 687 million*), according to the quarterly figures published on the website of National Bank of Serbia (NBS).

Non-life GWP rose 2.20% y-o-y to RSD 62.63 billion, whereas the life insurance segment earned premiums of RSD 18.09 billion, up 2.09% y-o-y compared to the prior year's level, as NBS announced.

The value of paid claims totaled RSD 36.53 billion (down by 5.31% y-o-y) of which RSD 9.44 billion - life indemnities (up by 7%) and RSD 27.09 billion (-9% y-o-y) related to non-life classes.

Top 3 insurers' ranking as GWP remained similar to September 2019: thus, DUNAV was the largest insurance company in the country, accounting for 27.07% of total GWP. GENERALI Osiguranje followed with 20.04%, while DDOR was third with 12.20%. A total of 16 insurance companies operated in the country at the end of September 2020.

* for the following exchange rate:
1 EUR = 117.5803 RSD (September 30th, 2020)

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