STATISTICS: TAJIKISTAN, 1Q2020: Voluntary insurance lines grew by more than 180% y-o-y

4 June 2020 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to the results of the 2020 first quarter, the Tajik insurance market saw a rapid growth, expanding by more than 11% y-o-y. Market GWP exceeded TJS 92 million (~EUR 8.22 million), as the data published by The National Bank of Tajikistan show.

However, it is worth noting that growth was mainly recorded by voluntary classes, which increased by more than 180% y-o-y if summed up together. Compulsory state insurance recorded a considarable decrease, shrinking by 34.9% in GWP volume, while other (non-state) compulsory types increased by only 3%.

Market paid claims also grew year-on-year, growth which was mainly driven by voluntary insurance paid claims (+25.1%, whereas paid claims of other compulsory types, on the contrary, dropped by almost 11% y-o-y).

Total number of the market participants was 18, including 2 state insurance organizations, 15 non-state companies and 1 mutual insurance company.

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