STATISTICS: TAJIKISTAN, 3Q2019: voluntary insurance keeps almost 70% of the market

28 November 2019 — Marina MAGNAVAL
By the end of 3Q2019, the Tajik insurance market grew by almost 19% in local currency, while in euro the growth was 22.18%. GWP amounted to KGS 168.47 million (EUR 15.90 million), according to the data, published by the National Bank of the country.

The share of the key sector, voluntary insurance, in the market portfolio remained practically unchanged, about 70% of total GWP. Other compulsory insurance increased slightly y-o-y, by about 1%.

Paid claims decreased for all compulsory types of insurance, while paid claims of the voluntary segment, on the contrary, went up drastically (+39.50%).

Total number of the market participants was 19, the same when compared to the end of 1H2019. Tajik market players include 2 state insurance organizations, 16 non-state companies and 1 center for mutual insurance support.

*1 EUR = 10.5944 TJS (September 30th, 2019)

Access and download 3Q2019 Tajik insurance market statistics.

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