STORY LAB with Mariusz WICHTOWSKI: the Green Card system is the most successful international insurance organization at this moment

4 May 2021 — Daniela GHETU
Generally, the positive aspects in the motor insurance business are not generated by the industry itself. In many cases, certain improvements are introduced due to the regulation. One of the big regulators is the European Commission and I think the Motor Insurance Directive introduced many changes in the motor insurance business, providing for higher and real rights to the victims and to the injured persons.

"I think that the Green Card system was and still is a platform where we can exchange the best models of cooperation and the best models how to communicate with the victims, how to help the victims," Mariusz WICHTOWSKI, President of the Polish Motor Insurers' Bureau stated for the STORY LAB viewers.

"It is not easy, of course, but I think this is the most successful international insurance organization that we have in the world at this moment, not because I was operating in as a president, but because before me and after me, it was successful and maintained a certain continuity," he added.

"I would say that within the system we have a very good communication among us and the standards of the claims settlement and legislation in all countries are more or less similar. This has a positive impact on our cooperation. We have a common understanding and within our organization we can very easily exchange the information and support each other also in the most difficult situations we can be faced with. In our activity we need to cooperate as close as possible, based on trusting that when I say something it's true and when our colleagues will deliver me any information, it is true, and I will not contest it," WICHTOWSKI explained, adding as a conclusion that "the Green Card system is quite a unique proof that 47 different legal systems, different cultures, different languages can work well together."

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