Sava Re's has published its revised Corporate Governance Policy document, effective as of 1 September 2021

26 August 2021 — Daniela GHETU
Sava Re published, according to the Rules of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange where the company is listed, the revised Corporate Governance Policy of Sava Re document, recently adopted by its management board.

The document initially adopted in December 2017 and revised on annual basis, sets out the main governance policies for Sava Re d.d. and represents a commitment for the future. Its latest, recently revised, form becomes effective as of 1 September 2021. When this document becomes effective, the corporate governance policy of Sava Re d.d. adopted by the management and supervisory boards on 10 December 2017 and 20 December 2017, respectively, ceases to be effective.

With due regard to the proportionality principle, local legislation and other business specifics, Sava Insurance Group subsidiaries are recommended to include as many of the guidelines of the Company's framework policies as possible into their internal regulations in order to foster unified best practices and effective risk management across the entire Sava Insurance Group, both at the Company and Group level.

Read the Corporate Governance Policy of Sava Re on the group's website.

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