Swiss Re and AON Benfield are the big winners of the XPRIMM Reinsurance Awards, granted at FIAR 2018

15 May 2018 — Cristian SUCA
The 21st edition of the International Insurance-Reinsurance Forum was officially opened on Monday night, with the XPRIMM Reinsurance Awards.

The winners of the Reinsurance Awards were:
  • Reinsurer of the Year - Swiss Re
  • Most Dynamic Reinsurer of the Year - SCOR
  • Reinsurance Broker of the Year - AON Benfield
  • Most Dynamic Reinsurance Broker of the Year - WILLIS Re
The XPRIMM Insurance Awards for the outstanding contribution to the development of the insurance industry were offered to Michael THEILMEIER, Senior Vicepresident, GEN Re, and MILLI Re.

Moreover, during the event, the Institute of Financial Studies granted the award for the best article from the Financial Studies Magazine to Iuliana Maria URSU.

The evening continued with The Official Reception which opened the 21st edition of the Forum, the event which gathers together, for the first time this year, the representatives of the insurance and reinsurance markets in Romania and the other states present at the event. The Official Reception was offered by ERGO.

FIAR 2018 continued on Tuesday with two conferences, a workshop and the Romanian Evening

A networking event, multiple bilateral meetings, an extremely interesting workshop and two top-notch conferences figured on the agenda of the 21st edition of the International Insurance-Reinsurance Forum.

Thus, the most important trends and topics on the insurance mediation market were analyzed in the BROKERS Conference, which took place between 09.00 - 13.30. Structured in two parts and with Sergiu COSTACHE - General Director, Media XPRIMM -, in the chair, the BROKERS Conference analyzed topics such as:

  • Market overview - from the stakeholders' perspective;
  • Historical moments - How will the most important changes of the industry in the last 30 years affect the mediation market?
  • IDD implementation challenges;
  • IPID for MTPL and PAD? Real impact on businesses and consumers;
  • Impact of European Union's legislative overhaul - IDD & GDPR;
  • Operational challenges for the brokers;
  • Study cases and real-life scenarios of what the brokers face on the market?
  • Will digitalisation and InsurTech truly lead to disintermediation?
Among the speakers that confirmed their presence at the BROKERS Conference, during FIAR 2018, were:
  • Calin RANGU - Director, Intermediaries, Supervision and Monitoring Rules of Conduct, ASF - Financial Supervisory Authority, Romania;
  • Viorel VASILE - President, PRBAR, Romania;
  • Dorel DUTA - President UNSICAR, Romania;
  • Marc SCHMIELE - Specialist, Distribution Union, GDV - German Insurance Association;
  • Razvan RUSU - CEO, LEADER TEAM Broker part of the Londongate Group.
The Brokers' Conference was supported by OMNIASG VIG, as Main Partner, as well as ERGO Asigurari, CertAsig, DESTINE Broker and LEADER TEAM part of LONDONGATE GROUP, as Partners.

Starting with 14.30, the second day of conferences brought two events at FIAR 2018. The first one, REINSURING NATCAT RISKS Conference, with Romeo JANTEA - Consultant, JANTEA Profesional -, and Daniela GHETU - Editorial Director, XPRIMM Publications -, in chair. Structured in two parts, REINSURING NATCAT RISKS Conference analyzed topics such as:

  • PAID - the biggest NatCat reinsurance buyer in the CEE;
  • Nat Cat exposure vs. coverage: solutions;
  • Largest natural catastrophe risks affecting Europe;
  • Closing the insurance gap - new solutions and trends.
On this occasion, REINSURING NATCAT RISKS Conference brought, at FIAR 2018, speakers like:
  • Nicoleta RADU - General Manager, PAID Romania;
  • Sever GEORGESCU - Scientific Director of National Institute URBAN-INCERC;
  • Christian KREUTZER - Head Market Underwriting CEE, Swiss Re Europe;
  • Evgeny POTOKOV - Senior Underwriter South Eastern Europe, SCOR Global P&C Deutschland.
In parallel, a Workshop dedicated to GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation took place. With Cristian JURA - University Professor & State Secretary -, in chair, the event analyzed topics such as:
  • Less then 2 weeks are left before GDPR will become mandatory. Are the insurers and the brokers ready for this challenge?
  • GDPR - fast forward
  • GDPR effects on the Romanian insurance industry and on consumers;
  • What are the main issues in implementing GDPR?
During the entire day, the coffee breaks and the lunch were offered by ERGO, Main Partner of FIAR 2018.

The day ended with the traditional Romanian Evening, which brought to attention the traditions in FIAR's host-country. Offered by SAFETY Broker, ASIROM VIG, MIB Asigurari and PRC - Pavalascu Risk Consultants, the traditional Romanian Evening took place at Diplomatic Club - Ballroom Ambasador, between 19.30 - 22.30.

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