Swiss Re and Movingdots speakers confirmed for the Motor Insurance Conference on 20 April

8 April 2021 — Daniela GHETU
The technological innovations of the past few decades have radically changed our lives, helping - among other -, insurers to partner their customers is applying the paradigm "prevention is better than cure". How this reality works in the field of motor insurance will make one of the main topics at the forthcoming Motor Insurance Conference, on 20 April.

Thanks to technological advancement, it is now possible to collect concrete data that can be used to study risky behaviors and enable industries to develop plug and play solutions for their customers. Orsolya Hegedus, Lead Automotive Sales & Delivery, Swiss Re, Automotive & Mobility Solutions and Damir Plejic, Automotive and Mobility Consultant, Movingdots - Swiss Re's technology hub in the automotive and mobility space -, will explain how enabling intuitive customer experience to coexist with complex IT architectures is essential to ensuring success. The two speakers will provide a presentation titled "A comprehensive view of the automotive & mobility insurance landscape in the CEE/CIS markets"

Other relevant speakers will touch the e-mobility issues, as well as the long-lasting changes that the pandemic crisis have brought in the motor insurance business, as well as the impact that the Green Card system has seen from the crisis throughout the about 14 months since the first lockdown measures.

The event will take in a virtual manner, hosted on the Zoom platform and live broadcasted on the XPRIMM YouTube channel on 20 April, 15.00 hours EEST.

Access is free of charge, based on registration.

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