TAJIKISTAN: for the first time, an insurance company of Tajikistan receives a high award from the Eurasian Union of States

21 June 2023 — Marina MAGNAVAL
The insurance company Spitamen Insurance received a golden award "For Labor and Valor" from the Eurasian Union of States, which is a significant event in the history of the insurance market in Tajikistan,

ASIA-Plus Media Group reports.

It is noted that the award "For Labor and Valor" was established to reward especially outstanding achievements and successes in the field of economic, scientific, technical, and socio-cultural development, professional achievements, a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the country, strengthening peace and development of cooperation with international organizations.

Candidates are selected by the International Organizing Committee for public awards and titles. During the analysis and evaluation of every candidate, the organizing committee takes into account the level of maturity and stability of a company, presence in the information field, pace of development, social position, business achievements, quality of goods and services, reviews from open information sources, consumer recognition within the resident country and outside.

According to the source, Spitamen Insurance is entering the international market, providing insurance and reinsurance services both within the country and abroad.