TURKEY: Uco VEGTER to be new CEO of EUREKO Sigorta

14 November 2019 — Andrei Victor
Dutch insurer ACHMEA informed that Uco VEGTER has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of EUREKO Sigorta, ACHMEA's subsidiary in Turkey. He succeeds Can Akin CAGLAR, who stood down this spring. Since then Uco VEGTER has been the acting CEO.

Uco VEGTER has worked as managing director of ACHMEA International since early 2015, with the responsibility for all ACHMEA's non-Dutch activities, including EUREKO Sigorta.

"We are pleased that the new CEO of EUREKO Sigorta is an ACHMEA insider. As a result, the strategy we are pursuing can be perfectly continued. We wish Uco every success in Turkey", said Willem van DUIN, Chairman of the Executive Board of ACHMEA.

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