TUW PZUW launches "Szpital 360" to support medical entities in medical risk management

18 May 2023 — Daniela GHETU
TUW PZUW, the largest mutual insurance company in Poland, part of the PZU financial group, launches "Szpital 360" - a new project that TUW PZUW intends to introduce in medical facilities from September, as a preventive program aimed at developing a medical risk management model in medical entities insured by the company.

The program includes assistance in diagnosing risks, training for doctors and medical staff, support for hospitals in the purchase of equipment and other safety investments, as well as patient surveys. According to the company's statements to the Polish press, the project assumes a holistic approach to risk monitoring, allowing to identify areas requiring preventive measures to improve the safety of diagnosed and treated patients.

"This is a multifaceted approach to the hospital and its surroundings including, m.in staff training, insurance needs, issues of proactive claims handling. One of the effects of this project is to be a collection of advice for hospital directors on behavior in crisis situations -Rafal Kili?nski, President of TUW PZUW said, quoted by Gazeta Ubezpieczeniowa.

TUW PZUW provides insurance protection to enterprises of strategic importance for the economy, insures almost every fifth hospital in the country, local governments' and public institutions, as well as almost all religious orders and other church institutions. The mutual insurance provider insures almost 200 medical entities in Poland and in each of them the so-called inspections of specialists in various fields, mainly doctors, who are tasked with showing errors or deficiencies in a given facility, have been carried out for years.

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