The insurance broker RENOMIA enters the Austrian market, adding the 13th European country to its footprint

15 November 2023 — Daniela GHETU
The insurance broker RENOMIA enters the Austrian market, adding the 13th European country to its footprint

The leading Czech insurance broker RENOMIA has bought a stake in the Austrian company Steinmayr & Co and is thus entering the Austrian market. With this acquisition, the insurance premiums that RENOMIA GROUP manages for its clients in the countries of Central Europe will exceed EUR 800 million.

RENOMIA is the largest company in its field both in the Czech Republic and in Central Europe, and thanks to its membership in the leading Gallagher global network, it provides its clients with services all over the world.

"Austria is the thirteenth country in Central Europe that we have entered and connected with an established family company built on common values ​​and a strong vision for the future. We greatly appreciate the professionalism of the Steinmayr & Co team and the quality of care they provide to their clients. The strength of RENOMIA GROUP, as at Steinmayr & Co, lies in the specialized highly professional services and good relationships within our teams, with clients and with business partners. We want to develop all this together for the sake of our clients, to be a mutual inspiration and to support each other in further development," says Pavel NEPALA, Managing Partner of RENOMIA.

By entering a country such as Austria, RENOMIA confirms its leading position in the Central European region and its ability for long-term dynamic development.

"We are happy that we have joined forces with a company that is professional, modern, international and at the same time has a family character and atmosphere. I am very happy that our new partner is a company that, like us, builds on common values ​​such as reliability, great relationships, service, development. At the same time, it intensively develops and implements the most modern technologies in the tools used by its clients and colleagues, thereby improving the quality of the services it provides. We see great potential for our clients both in the use of a large regional and global network, as well as in the possibility of using the know-how of RENOMIA’s strategic partner and co-shareholder, the Gallagher company, which is one of the leading global players in the field of risk management and insurance. By joining the RENOMIA GROUP, we will be able to provide our clients with top-notch services anywhere in the world," says Christian Steinmayr, managing partner of Steinmayr & Co.

The history of Steinmayr & Co dates back to 1970 and the company specializes in providing services for corporate clients in industry, hospitality, and commerce. It is a long-term partner in insurance and risk management for organizers of sports, social and cultural events. Its clients are, among others, important Alpine ski resorts and World Cup competitions in skiing. Since 2010, under the leadership of Christian Steinmayr, son of founder Wolfgang Steinmayr, it has also focused on international insurance solutions.

RENOMIA is an experienced consulting company with a 30-year tradition that has more than 2,500 associates in 13 CEE countries. RENOMIA was founded in 1993 in the Czech Republic by the Nepala family, who still actively manage the company. A strategic partner and co-shareholder of RENOMIA is the Gallagher company with more than 48,000 employees in 130 countries around the world. RENOMIA GROUP provides international level services in the field of risk management and insurance, financial management and subsidy consultancy.

RENOMIA is a family-owned Czech company, but at the same time it is part of a leading global network in its field and coordinates a large part of the European region with the team in Prague. This unique position gives its employees in the Czech Republic the opportunity to develop and manage interesting international projects.