UKRAINE: GWP of TAS group in January-February 2024 reach UAH 670 million

2 April 2024 — Marina MAGNAVAL
TAS insurance group, companies of which are among the top 20 insurers in Ukraine, collected UAH 669.95 million (~EUR 16.22 million) in premiums in the first two months of 2024, which is 37.7% y-o-y, Forinsurer reports.

Motor Hull sales increased by 22%: UAH 121.81 million were collected in this segment, which is 18.18% of all company’s GWP for January-February.

MTPL accounted for 29.26% of the company's total portfolio: UAH 196.04 million, which is 34.7% more y-o-y. Sales of Green Card policies rose even more significantly (+73.3%): UAH 176.43 million, which is 26.34% of the company’s total GWP for the reporting period. In turn, the share of voluntary health insurance in the insurer’s portfolio amounted to 16.24% or UAH 108.78 million, which is 22.2% more y-o-y.

For the first two months of 2024, TAS group paid out UAH 308.81 million under concluded insurance contracts, which is 57.9% more than during the first two months of last year.

In particular, the company's Motor Hull paid claims reached UAH 88.43 million, which is 28.64% of the total paid claims and 38% higher y-o-y. Paid claims in MTPL rose even more (+57.7%): to UAH 111.05 million, which is 35.96% of the company’s total paid claims for the reporting period.

*EUR 1 = UAH 41.29 (01.03.2024)