UKRAINE: Irina SIRENKO became the head of the insurance market supervision department

11 February 2021 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Since February 10, 2021, Iryna SIRENKO has taken the post of Head of the Insurance Market Supervision Department at the Non-Bank Financial Services Market Supervision Division of the National Bank of Ukraine, Forinshurer reports.

Earlier, until the end of January, Irina SIRENKO headed the "IRP" (Insurance. Risks. Protection) agency, which helps to improve efficiency of clients' business providing services in consulting, insurance, risk management and legal support. From 2013 to 2020, she served as Founder and Development Director of the International Institute for Risk Management.

In general, Irina SIRENKO has been working in the Ukrainian insurance market since 1996. She was the Chairman of the Board of the PROVIDNA insurance company, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of ASKA-life and worked in INGO Ukraine in various positions from the director of a department to the Member of the Board.

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