UKRAINE: MTIBU: based on the 3Q results, 16 insurers have the highest ratings

20 November 2023 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Based on the 3Q2023 results, 16 insurers out of 35 MTIBU-members (Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine) have the highest ratings based on all indicators of the bureau’s report. Only 3 insurance companies received a low rating for the “Quality of claim settlement”, Forinsurer reports.

Based on the “Overall Performance Assessment”, no company has unsatisfactory ratings, and only two are marked with yellow. According to the “Level of complaints from victims and policyholders,” only one insurer received a yellow mark and a red one.

Quarterly, MTIBU publishes a table with performance assessment of all insurance companies that are members of the bureau. The indicators of insurance companies in the report are presented not in digital format, but are marked with color. Green means excellent, yellow means good, and red means unsatisfactory.