UKRAINE: for January-September, the number of payments for uninsured drivers increased by 22% y-o-y

8 October 2020 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to the results for 9 months of 2020 in Ukraine, the number of payments by the MTIBU Fund of protection of victims for uninsured drivers, responsible for road accidents, increased by 22% y-o-y while the amount of payments - by 23.5% y-o-y, MTIBU reported.

As MTIBU (Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine) Director General Volodymyr SHEVCHENKO noted, "this indicates that a significant part of Ukrainian vehicle owners, despite the law, neglects the obligation to conclude MTPL agreements". Among the main reasons, the Bureau names low standard of living of citizens, a decrease of economic activity, insufficient financial culture of the population, irresponsibility of some drivers and the lack of effective mechanisms to control availability of MTPL policies.

Volodymyr SHEVCHENKO mentioned that "after the State Border Service began in February 2019 automatic checking of availability of Green Card insurance certificates of each driver travelling abroad, this had a positive effect on insurance coverage of vehicles, registered in Ukraine. Almost immediately, we saw rapid increase in the number of concluded international insurance contracts (by 30-40% monthly) thanks to that drivers stopped trying to travel abroad without an insurance policy", he said.

MTIBU Director General emphasized that a similar automated check of availability of domestic MTPL agreements will solve the problem inside the country, but this requires joint efforts of legislators, the regulator, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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