UKRAINE: partnership of ARX and InfoCar to make motor insurance more affordable

29 September 2020 — Marina MAGNAVAL
ARX insurance company, which is among TOP-3 non-life insurers in Ukraine, and the country's largest automotive media resource InfoCar announced a global partnership to make motor insurance more understandable and affordable, which also includes development and promotion of new products and online services, Forinsurer reports.

InfoCar will present a section with reviews of used cars of subscribers that will have full motor hull coverage from ARX for the period of test drive. InfoCar will also provide subscribers with an opportunity to learn more about the cars` product range, their features and operation in different conditions.

Nonna RYZHAYA, Marketing director of ARX, noted that this partnership will be interesting and effective, as it involves one of the leaders of the insurance market and the largest automotive media resource in Ukraine:

"Our communications about the opportunities that we give our clients have always been consistent, and the partnership with InfoCar will allow us to jointly make motor insurance services more affordable and comfortable."

Pavel KASCHUK, founder of InfoCar, explained:

"When launching our big new projects, we could not manage without a partner in motor insurance. Why did we choose ARX? The main arguments are an impeccable image among customers and our subscribers for many years, as well as willingness to experiment together, invest not only to get profit, but also to develop the market as a whole."

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