UZBEKISTAN: GWP of ALSKOM in 2019 exceeded UZS 50 billion (~EUR 4.7 million)

29 January 2020 —
In 2019, ALSKOM insurance company concluded around 285 thousand of insurance contracts while generating GWP worth of over UZS 50 billion (~EUR 4.7 million), company's preliminary results show, published on its website.

At the end of 3Q2019, the company ranked 10th among the 27 companies from the Uzbek insurance market. As of now, the regional network of ALSKOM consists of 20 branches and 128 offices, operating throughout the country.

One of the company's priorities is the strict control over the quality of settlement of insurance claims. In 2019, total number of received insurance claims amounted to about 5.2 thousand, the insurer paying over UZS 8.2 billion (~EUR 0.77 million) under those claims. This represents a solid proof that the company fulfills its obligations and guarantees its clients full support in case of insured events.

*EUR 1 = UZS 10624.70 (as of 01.01.2020)