UZBEKISTAN: in 2023, the number of online insurance services of Uzagrosugurta increased from 18 to 26

5 March 2024 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Since 2023, the number of online insurance services provided by Uzagrosugurta (O‘ZAGROSUG‘URTA), which is among the top 5 insurance companies in Uzbekistan (based on the 1H2023 results), has increased from 18 to 26, writes.

At the beginning of 2023, Uzagrosugurta provided clients with 18 types of online insurance services, and by now the number of such services has increased to 26. The company has significantly simplified the process of online purchase.

Speaking about the company’s performance in 2023, GWP of Uzagrosugurta amounted to UZS 393.2 billion (~EUR 28.77 million). Of these, UZS 71.6 billion were collected in compulsory insurance, and UZS 321.6 billion - in voluntary insurance. Compared to 2022, the company’s insurance premiums increased by 21.6%, or UZS 69.9 billion.

The company’s total paid claims in 2023 amounted to UZS 50.46 billion/~EUR 3.69 million, which is about UZS 7.2 billion more than in 2022 (+16.6%). Of these, UZS 20.43 billion were paid in compulsory insurance, and UZS 30.35 billion – in voluntary insurance.

At the second international forum Tashkent Digital Marketing Forum 2024, Uzagrosugurta received an award as the “Company providing high-quality insurance services throughout Uzbekistan in 2023 and having the widest network”, the source added.

*EUR 1 = UZS 13,667 (31.12.2023)