VIG merges two of its three subsidiaries in North Macedonia

15 June 2023 — Daniela GHETU

Two of the three VIG companies in North Macedonia are set to merge: MAKEDONIJA Skopje - VIG will acquire WINNER - VIG Skopje, absorbing it. No details on the merger's calendar are yet available.

In 2022, MAKEDONIJA - VIG holded the 5th position in the market ranking, with GWP worth EUR 16.22 million, up by almost 10% y-o-y, and a market share of 9.5%.

WINNER - VIG ranked 6th, with GWP worth EUR 15.98 million, up by almost 16.11% y-o-y, and a market share of 9.35%.

Vienna Insurance Group also own a life insurance company in North Macedonia, WINNER Life, which holds a 3.13% market share, ranking 3rd in the specialty market.