VIG's Turkish subsidiary Ray Sigorta signed a major deal with CPP Group to increase cyber security

23 July 2020 — Daniela GHETU
Ray Sigorta, a subsidiary of Vienna Insurance Group, has signed a major deal with the Leeds-based CPP Group. CPP's Cyber Care product will deliver online security checks within Ray's new 'Cyberella' product, designed to protect customers from risks posed by identity and information fraud.

The deal follows an additional significant cyber contract win earlier this year for CPP's Turkey team with Denizbank and AXA Sigorta.

It means the number of customers protected by Cyber Care - the local Turkey brand for CPP's OwlDetect product - has now reached 200,000 over the past six months.

Cyberella provides Ray customers with 24/7 proactive online monitoring for unauthorized sharing of personal data, ranging from payment card details to passport or identity numbers, including analysis of activity on the dark web.

Customers receive instant alerts and guidance to protect themselves, including individual assistance in relation to identity theft.

The technology has been developed by CPP Group and has also been deployed across the UK, other parts of Europe and in Mexico.

Koray ERDOGAN, Chief Executive of Ray Insurance, said: "Safeguarding personal data is a key priority for our customers, therefore we needed an innovative platform in order to help us meet these demands. CPP's Cyber Care offering is the perfect solution to the challenge of tracking data on the dark web and will be of great benefit to our customers moving forward."

Selnur GUZEL, Chief Executive of CPP Turkey, added: "This is an incredibly important deal for us here in Turkey. Personal cyber security is of the utmost importance at this time as we have seen a rise in malicious actors looking to profit from the current COVID-19 pandemic on the dark web. Therefore, additional measures need to be taken to ensure that we are safer from such online exploitation. By leveraging our Cyber Care product through Ray Insurance, customers will have a greater peace of mind knowing that their personal data is protected."

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