What are RECREX's development plans for 2017?

14 February 2017 —
This year, RECREX continues to focus on the development of its two main operational segments: fraud detection and claims buffering, Daniela BADALUTA, President of the company, explained in an interview for XPRIMM Publications.

"In 2017, RECREX's development plans focus on the company's two main activities. Thus, on the fraud detection segment we continue what we started: we have a growing number of requests and we are currently negotiating with multiple companies - not only from Romania", Daniela BADALUTA affirmed.

Moreover, "we think that we can become, for the insurance companies to which we are already providing claims buffering services, a correspondent on Romanian territory. Soon we will join a group through which we will be able to activate in Italy, Germany and Spain as correspondents as well, not only as a company specialized in fraud detection", the President of RECREX pointed out.

In Romania, RECREX is on the list of insurance companies' correspondents - members of foreign National Bureaux belonging to the "Green Card" International System, designated by B.A.A.R. - Romanian Motor Insurers' Bureau to handle and settle claim files, resulting from accidents occurred on Romanian territory and produced by insureds of these companies.

RECREX's representatives will participate, on February 15 in Vienna, Austria, at the International Insurance Forum 2017 - "New challenges for the CEE motor insurance industry", an event which the company supports as Strategic Partner. More details about the Forum are available here.