Where can Ukrainian drivers buy Green Card policies?

16 June 2022 — Daniela GHETU
For the use of Ukrainian refugees in need of acquiring Green Card policies so that they can continue using their cars in the host countries, the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine has communicated the list of Ukrainian insurers providing Green Card insurance online.

ORANTA Insurance https://oranta.ua
SKA Insurance https://aska.ua
INGO https://ingo.ua
KNYAZHA - VIG   https://kniazha.ua
UTICO Insurance Company https://utico.ua
PZU Ukraine https://pzu.com.ua
TAS Insurance Company https://sgtas.ua
USG Insurance - VIG https://ukringroup.ua
Persha Insurance https://persha.ua
GARDIAN Insurance https://grdn.com.ua

The permanently updated list is available at: http://www.mtsbu.ua/ua/about_us/full_members_list/

UA Green Cards are issued online, in PDF format, with a recommendation to make a printout. The policies may be used in printed form (green of white), as well as in PDF format on electronic devices.

The UA Bureau informs the Membership that the insurance cover can be checked in the database of the UA Bureau via the following link: https://gc.mtsbu.ua/MTSBU_Pages/Tree.aspx?autoauth=true.

All details on insurance conditions for Ukrainian vehicles belonging to refugees temporary residing in foreign countries belonging to the Green Card system are included in the "Recommendation on UA PDF Green Cards and CoB information leaflets for drivers of UA registered vehicles".