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How long is the free trial account active?

The free trial account is active during the day it was registered. Should you need more time to evaluate the usefulness of the XPRIMM database, please contact us and requests the extension of the FREE TRIAL period.

Does the free trial account provide for access to the entire statistical database on

No. Your free account is only meant to give you a flavor of what type of insurance statistical data you can find using our database. Thus, you can only access older statistical sheets that have the same structure with the latest ones.

What is the difference between the PREMIUM and GOLD subscription packages?

The PREMIUM subscription provides for full online access to the entire statistical database on, in Excel format. The GOLD subscription provides, in addition to the PREMIUM package, the issues of the XPRIMM Insurance Report – CEE, SEE & CIS released by XPRIMM during the subscription period (1 issue for a 6 months subscription; 2 issues for a 12-month subscription). None of the other reports published by XPRIMM are included in any of the subscription packages.

Are there any limitations to the number of files downloaded during the subscription period?

No. As a subscriber you can download as many files as you need. Your account dashboard will offer you the possibility to retrieve the files downloaded in previous sessions in case you have lost/misplaced them.

Are insurance reports published by XPRIMM available for download as part of my subscription?

Except for the XPRIMM Insurance Report CEE, SEE & CIS, which is included in the GOLD subscription packages, none of the other reports are included in the subscription standard offer.

However, XPRIMM subscribers are entitled to discounted prices for standalone purchases of the reports. Also, should you be interested to get some titles as part of the subscription, please contact us and we will provide a personalized offer for you.

How can I know when my 6 months/12 months subscription expires?

Once logged in, your account’s dashboard shows you the expiration date of your subscription.

If I do not belong to a company, may I subscribe to XPRIMM Database?

Yes, there is the possibility to access XPRIMM Database even if you do not belong to a company.

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