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Privacy Policy


From the 'website' identified by the URL, XPRIMM International collects certain data and this statement is designed to inform you as to the nature of the data we collect and how it is used.

Data collection and usage

XPRIMM International collects electronic data on the visitors to our website. We do not however retain any personal details from this data which is used for the sole purpose of identifying trends in website visits.

XPRIMM International does however collect personal data through the various email forms on the website. The personal data collected in this way, is used to respond to your enquiry and to help provide you with services that you have requested. We may also use this information to validate subscriptions and to notify you of new products and services. The forms all have the facility to offer a comment or pose a question to us, therefore if you do not wish us to contact you in the future, please indicate this on the form you fill in.

XPRIMM International does not sell, loan or rent any personal data or identifiable information we collect on this website. If required by law, we may disclose personal data to appropriate authorities, for such purposes as police investigations and to protect against unauthorised use of an XPRIMM International website.

A XPRIMM International will, as far as is reasonably practical, delete personal data from our records upon request. Please use our 'Contact Us' form to notify us of any such request.

Updates to policy

XPRIMM International may alter this privacy policy from time to time to keep up with changes in legislation, best practice and alterations to functionality and content of the website. Please check the Privacy Policy from time to time to note changes.

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