Artificial intelligence in insurance is the topic of the September 2023 conference in Ljubljana

25 May 2023 — Daniela GHETU
The Insurance Supervision Agency of Slovenia announces the international conference on September 11, 2023 which will focus on artificial intelligence and its role in the insurance industry. Registrations are opened online here.

The conference entitled "Artificial intelligence in insurance - evolution or revolution?", will take place in Ljublijana, at the Grand Hotel Union. Participants will be able to listen to reflections on what one of the most current developments of the moment, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), means for insurance, which is considered a traditional industry.

The insurance industry needs a sufficient amount of quality data for its operation. With the advent of digitization, this data is literally lying on a tray for insurance companies. The data is now of better quality and more extensive than before. When we add machine learning to this huge amount of data, we arrive at the so-called artificial intelligence, which is already expanding into various areas of the insurance industry.

Supervisors are just getting to know the power of artificial intelligence. On the one hand, they are looking forward to new tools that will help them supervise financial institutions. Nevertheless, the widespread use of artificial intelligence also poses new challenges for supervisors. What are they and how to respond to them? Is it possible to predict what awaits us in the future? Will artificial intelligence be able to predict something that is currently considered unpredictable? We have invited experts in various fields to a multidisciplinary discussion on artificial intelligence, so that we can receive the most comprehensive answers to the questions that interest us the most.

Get more details on the Insurance Supervision Agency of Slovenia website.