Johannes Martin HARTMANN, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, VIG Re

While new technologies and process automatization will have a significant impact on the way how we will transact our business - maintaining our competitive edge on our cost ratio – I truly believe that people will still make the ultimate difference in our industry, in order to understanding the needs of our clients, building a trustful, long-lasting partnership. I see that going forward data and AI will play an ever-larger role in helping us to make the right conclusions and decisions - but I do not see robots fit to replace an underwriter nor a reinsurance manager for the foreseeable future.

Marina SHIPOVALOVA, General Director, InterConsult Info

Digitalization and the transfer of insurers’ business online has been gaining momentum over the past few years, and Kazakhstani insurers are already ahead of many foreign companies in digitalization of insurance products. Now, through the efforts of the regulator and the market, all insurance processes from sale of policies to claim settlement are being digitized.

Rustam Mamedov, General Director, Asia Insurance (Uzbekistan)

Asia Insurance today is a company with a clear development strategy, which is aimed at improving the quality of services and expanding the insurance product line, maintaining a stable level of capitalization and fulfillment of its obligations. The reliability of the company is confirmed by the ratings received from national and international rating agencies.

Julian Enoizi, Chief Executive Officer – Europe, Guy Carpenter

For those extreme events that happen at the very edges of what we think is possible, broader cooperation and planning is key. The industry also has the expertise to incubate ideas to mitigate risk, as well as strategies that help curb the growth in potential losses. This will ultimately allow the industry to take more of the risk in the future and better protect its clients.

Özgür Obalı, Secretary General, Association of Turkish Insurance Reinsurance and Pension Companies

It is a known fact that Türkiye faces a serious earthquake risk due to its location in a geography with fault lines. However, the earthquake that occurred on February 6th 2023, centered in Kahramanmaraş and with a vast effect in 11 provinces, is different from the disasters experienced before. The area affected by the earthquake is larger than many European countries in terms of both surface area and population. Following the earthquakes in the region, 38,000 aftershocks took place. These characteristics all prove that this disaster was not just a big earthquake but rather a mega catastrophe.

The essential in brief – Live interview with Klime POPOSKI

The Insurance Conference of Moldova 2023 hosted an interesting moment of sharing the experience accumulated in other insurance markets, similar to the Moldovan one, in their modernization process and preparation for the EU accession.

VIDEO: Interview with Mehmet Akif EROĞLU, Chairman, SEDDK, Türkiye

In the last decade, the annual growth rate of the Turkish insurance market was over 20% and over the inflation rate,” Mehmet Akif EROĞLU, Chairman of the Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Authority (SEDDK) told XPRIMM in an interview recorded in Bucharest.

Virgil SONCUTEAN, CEO, ALLIANZ-TIRIAC Asigurari, Romania

ALLIANZ-TIRIAC is part of the German group ALLIANZ, one of the largest providers of financial and insurance services and the most valuable insurance brand in the world, according to the latest Interbrand assessment. In Romania, the company has been enjoying financial stability and customer trust for over 29 years.


By the end of 2022, we made public our intention to start underwriting inwards reinsurance in the region. By doing this, Aldagi sets a precedent for the Georgian industry, being the first insurance company in the market that will also function as a reinsurer. By entering reinsurance business, the management of the Company plans to capitalize on the existing opportunities in the region.

David ONOPRISHVILI, Chairman, Insurance State Supervision Service of Georgia

Despite the impact of the volatile economic conditions in the wake of the pandemic crisis and as an effect of the ongoing war in Ukraine the insurance market in Georgia managed to avoid significant losses and maintained a stabile development path mainly due to high economic growth in the country.

Paata LOMADZE, General Director GPI Holding

The growth of the company in terms of sales is a significant challenge, our main strategy this year is development and growth of the company with acceptable and moderate profitability. We have to ensure profitability and be ahead of market growth.

Matjaz Petrovic, VicePresident of Sales, GenePlanet

As a pioneer in the industry, GenePlanet has been offering medical and lifestyle genetic tests for over 15 years. Recently, it secured additional funding from BlackPeak Capital to fuel growth and development. GenePlanet is working with insurance companies across Europe to create customised products that enhance customer loyalty and promote preventive healthcare.

Interview with Marina SHIPOVALOVA, General Director, InterConsult Info

The important innovations proposed by the new insurance law adopted in 2022 include introduction of new, socially significant life insurance products, further digitalization of the insurance industry, development of a system for guaranteeing insurance payments and improving the mechanism for protecting rights of consumers of insurance services and expanding the powers of the insurance ombudsman.

Assen CHRISTOV, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, EUROHOLD Bulgaria

EUROINS Insurance Group has become one of the biggest players in the insurance market, especially in South-eastern Europe where we operate predominantly. Last year our revenue was around one billion euro, and the assets of the group grew to EUR 1.2 billion. We are operating now in Greece, Poland, Romania, North Macedonia, Ukraine, and Georgia. We have operations in Italy and Spain, and we are looking for expansion in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia in order to be close to the countries we are already presented