LATVIA: Last year the largest number of complaints received by LAA ombudsman were about property insurance

12 March 2024 — Marina MAGNAVAL
In 2023, the ombudsman of the Latvian Insurers Association (LAA) received 44 customer complaints about insurance services. The largest number of complaints were about property insurance (18), the Association said.

"Considering that insurance companies in Latvia have concluded several million contracts with individual clients, 44 complaints is a very small number. Of course, insurers must continue to improve their services and communication with customers, but in general, the number of complaints about insurance is not high, and it has been about a few dozen for several years", says LAA ombudsman Kristina Petersone.

Last year, the second largest segment after property in terms of received complaints was Motor Hull (15), followed by travel insurance (4) and health insurance (3).

"Due to the challenging weather conditions, property insurance claims in general increased rapidly last year - by 42%. Accordingly, the number of insurance cases increased, and it is natural that the most complaints were filed in this segment", explains the LAA ombudsman.

It is noted that compared to 2022, the number of received complaints increased from 35 to 44, and the type of insurance that customers complained about the most changed from Motor Hull to property.