LATVIA: UNIBROKKER merges with R&D Insurance Broker – the combined company will become the leading service provider in the country

25 January 2024 — Daniela GHETU
Starting from January 22, 2024, the insurance brokerage company UNIBROKKER INSURANCE & CONSULTING and its employees will merge with R&D Insurance Broker, a subsidiary of RENOMIA, the leading insurance broker in Central Europe, the Latvian broker announced. The combined company will become the premier service provider in Latvia.

“By joining UNIBROKKER and its team, R&D, in collaboration with RENOMIA, is strengthening its leadership positions in the Latvian insurance distribution industry. One of the primary goals of this transaction is to ensure the availability of top-tier insurance services for both companies and individuals. Therefore, this union will undoubtedly enhance the sustainability and accessibility of insurance products and brokerage services in Latvia. RENOMIA has devised a long-term investment program for the future of the company, with the objective of fostering market development in the Central and Eastern European region. Additionally, RENOMIA invests in product development, education, and the personal growth of the company's employees. By combining insurance services with digitization, investments in employee qualifications, and the development of other related services, it creates a unique environment that understands the individual needs of customers, providing them with extensive international resources,” explains Dainis Maldutis, the founder, shareholder, and CEO of R&D Insurance Brokers and Chairman of the Board of RD AB.

"The decision to merge the businesses was made to sustain its successful operations and offer a broader range of products, as well as more modern insurance solutions to our customers. This is a consecutive step to the deal concluded last year, in which R&D took over the business of our portal, including assets, customer base, technologies and IT solutions, now adding the customer service part of the business to it. I am confident that the experience and expertise of RENOMIA and R&D in the field of insurance brokerage will significantly contribute to the growth of the business. The merging of the businesses will facilitate the establishment of a robust Latvian brokerage company, providing customers with an even more convenient, comprehensive, and high-quality insurance service," says UNIBROKKER manager Uldis Dzērve.

UNIBROKKER INSURANCE & CONSULTING has been operating in the Latvian insurance market since 2003. In this time, it has grown and assembled a strong and knowledgeable team of professionals. This growth has enabled the company to become a well-recognized insurance brokerage in Latvia, specializing in health, property, transport, general, and professional civil liability insurance.

R&D Insurance Brokers was founded in 2007 and, together with SIA RD AB, established in 2013, is part of the RENOMIA GROUP, which is the leading insurance brokerage company in Central and Eastern Europe. SIA R&D Insurance Brokers is recognized as a rapidly growing, robust, and modern company with consistently high standards in relationships with both partners and clients. RD AB owns well-known insurance service brands in Latvia, such as and Together R&D Insurance Brokers and RD AB together employ more than 90 people, and in 2023, the total amount of signed premiums exceeded EUR 40 million.

RENOMIA is a family company based in the Czech Republic. Gallagher, one of the world's leading insurance and risk management companies, holds a minority stake in the company. RENOMIA operates representative offices in 13 countries and is a leader in a significant part of the Europe Union, encompassing nearly 100 million inhabitants. This region includes the Baltic States in the north and the Central European and Balkan countries in the south. RENOMIA has been serving private individuals and companies for 30 years, since its establishment in 1993.